How To Turn Your Regular Jeans To Ripped Jeans

Ripped jeans are a fashion trend that appeared years ago and doesn’t seem to go away soon. If you have a pair of old regular jeans that you no longer wear, you can create trendy ripped jeans with minimal effort and absolutely for free. Here is how to do it!

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1. What you’ll need

Clearly, the most important item for creating ripped jeans is the pair of jeans you want to transform. But what else do you need to give your jeans the coveted distressed look? These are the tools and equipment you will need:

  • A pair of fabric scissors
  • A razor
  • A piece of sandpaper or a pumice stone
  • A piece of chalk for marking
  • A pair of tweezers

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A few words on the choice of jeans for your DIY project. If you are doing the ripped transformation for the first time, you should either use one of your old pairs that you wouldn’t mind losing or buy a cheap pair of jeans, possibly used – if your project goes wrong, there is a chance the jeans you create won’t be suitable for wearing, so you don’t want to lose your favourite pair.

The choice of the fit and colour of the jeans is completely up to you, but the fabric of your jeans needs to be as thick and non-stretching is possible for the ripping to look impressive. Stretchy jeans are not the best choice for this transformation.

2. How to create ripped jeans

Once you have chosen a pair of jeans to transform and have your tools ready, follow these steps to get a fresh pair of fashionably ripped jeans:

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  1. For an even more distressed look, wash your jeans several times in hot water or using bleach. It will slightly alter the colour of the jeans and make them easier to be ripped.
  2. Using a piece of chalk, mark the areas on your jeans you want to rip, specifying the size of each future gap. This is an essential step: without it, you risk going overboard with the ripping or, on the contrary, giving your ripped jeans an unfinished look.
  3. Make the initial cuts with the fabric scissors.
  4. Using a pair of tweezers, take out individual vertical threads out of the holes to leave only the white horizontal threads on each side of the cut. Keep going until the rips in your jeans are exactly to your liking.
  5. Using a piece of sandpaper or a pumice stone, simply distress the areas of your jeans you want to alter. The more you work with the sandpaper, the more distressed the area is going to look. You can also use the same tool plus a razor on the holes to give them a more faded look.
  6. Don’t forget to work on your pockets to keep the style of your new ripped jeans consistent – work with a pumice stone to slightly loosen up the threads and then take out the threads using a pair of tweezers.
  7. If you don’t want to go for the full distressed look, you can start with just distressing the edges of your jeans. Cut off the edges with scissors and then use the tweezers, razor, and sandpaper to achieve the desired distressed look.

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You can get an even clearer idea on how to turn your old jeans into trendy distressed jeans from this video tutorial:


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