How To Become A Fashion Blogger: 10 Easy Steps To Success

If you love fashion, always rock new outfits and unusual combinations, enjoy giving advice and tips on how to dress to your friends, and love communicating with a big number of people, you can make an impressive career in fashion blogging. Here are the 10 steps to your own successful fashion blog!

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1. Find your niche

The best fashion blogs are the ones with a clear niche. There must be something that makes your fashion vision stand out from the crowd. Whether it’s an unusual body type or appearance, your love for repurposing old clothes, or demonstrating how you can recreate expensive fashion looks for less, finding your niche will help you find your audience and connect to it faster. You will also need to choose a name that is linked to the theme of the blog.

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2. Build your blog

Once you have selected a name for your blog, you need to buy the URL for the website and create the blog itself. Many bloggers prefer working on WordPress: you can create a blog there absolutely for free, and with a little web design knowledge or help from a web designer, you can your blog look just the way you want.

3. Boost your photography skills

While it is perfectly possible to run a fashion blog with nothing than your phone, you will achieve much better photography results with a DSLR camera. You don’t need to always have someone to take your photos – you can do it with a tripod. Learning to edit your photos is also very important: the size and visual vibe of your photos need to be consistent if you want people to come back for more.

4. Plan your work

Even when you are only starting your journey as a fashion blogger, it is important to be very consistent with your publications. You need to create a realistic publishing schedule that you will be able to maintain, even if it’s 1 or 2 posts per week. Posting occasionally without a schedule will confuse your readers and make them less likely to check out your blog.

5. Be personal

The readers of your blog will come for the pretty pictures of fashion, but they will only stay if they can relate to your personality. They need to see the person behind the gorgeous photos. Write not only about your fashion views, but also about yourself and other things you find to be valuable.

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6. Engage with your audience

Once the audience feels at least some connection to you, your job is to maintain it by regularly engaging with your readers. Ask them to share their opinions, read and comment on their own blogs, and soon the link between you and your readers will grow stronger. While you are doing it, you are also guaranteed to meet influencers, fashion executives, and other people who can help you advance your career.

7. Time your publications

When creating a schedule for your posts, it’s important to take into account not only your personal vision of what your blog should look like, but also everything that is happening in the world of fashion. From major holidays to fashion weeks to big sales – your blog should reflect all of that.

8. Work with brands and affiliates

If you want your fashion blog to become your own business and career, you need to be proactive – waiting for the brands to discover you may take years, if not decades. Reach out to the fashion brands and affiliate programs you consider to be attractive: even if not all of them agree to cooperate with you, you will still get plenty of chances to get yourself noticed.

9. Create a media kit

When brands and designers discover your blog, they will want to know why they should advertise on your platform and what you can offer. A media kit will not only make your blog look more professional, but will also land you the first coveted advertising opportunities.

10. Use social media

In 2019, it is impossible to imagine any fashion blogger who is not present on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Whether you decide to keep your social media accounts as channels promoting the updates to your blog or maintain them as separate entities, you should definitely become a social media guru in order to be a successful fashion blogger.

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