Top Five Nigerian Honeymoon Destinations

There is so much effort going into planning a beautiful wedding that the honeymoon often turns out to be an afterthought. However, a honeymoon is a very special time for any newlyweds that can make you even closer. Here are 5 honeymoon destinations in Nigeria you and your spouse will definitely enjoy.

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1. Obudu Mountain Resort

If you are a couple who is not the biggest fan of beach vacations and is looking for a little more action on their honeymoon, we have got the perfect spot for you. The Obudu Mountain Resort, which is located in Cross River State, is an ideal destination if you love beautiful scenery and fun activities.

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In addition to comfy rooms, a fancy restaurant, and free Wi-Fi for every guest, the Obudu Mountain Resort also features a pool, a cable car for observing the surroundings, horse riding sessions, tennis and basketball courts, a water adventure park, and even helicopter tours for an even more stunning view on the area.

2. Kamp Ikare Beach Resort

In case you prefer your vacations to be seaside-based and live in or near Lagos, you should definitely consider the Kamp Ikare Beach Resort. Even though it is located in Lagos, it still offers a level of privacy that every newlyweds strive for – it is only accessible by boat, which means there will not be any unwanted guests at your weekend getaway.

A big number of beautifully designed rooms are available to guests at Kamp Ikare. Besides lounging in your room and enjoying the local and international delicacies in the restaurant, you can also relax by the beach, go jet skiing, ride a boat, or have a fun volleyball session.

3. Epe Resort & Spa

This is another honeymoon destination close to Lagos, but it can be accessed not only by boat or helicopter, but also by an hour-long ride. There are 40 beautifully-furnished rooms at Epe Resort & Spa, and there are even interlinked rooms, which allow you to share accommodations with someone you like without constantly being in each other’s field of vision.

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The number one reasons why so many Nigerian newlyweds choose Epe Resort & Spa as their honeymoon destination is the luxurious spa, complete with massages and a Hammam Turkish bath. Once you have already enjoyed a spa session, you can take a swim in the infinity pool or hit the gym for a quick workout.

4. Ibom Hotel & Golf Resort

Golf resorts are rarely associated with romantic honeymoon getaways, but just because this place is called Ibom Hotel & Golf Resort, it doesn’t mean that all you can do here is play golf. Located in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, it is a popular honeymoon destination for thousands of Nigerian couples.

At Ibom Hotel & Golf Resort, everyone can find something fun to do. From enjoying the gorgeous scenery on a bike ride to having a relaxing spa session, and with a swimming pool and tennis court available to all guests, this honeymoon can become your most memorable vacation yet.

5. Eko Tourist Beach Resort

For the fans of the sea and relaxing vacations, there is nothing better than the Eko Tourist Beach Resort, located in Ibeju Lekki, Lagos. Unlike other destinations on our list, this resort does not have any outstanding sports and leisure opportunities.

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Instead, it offers everyone a chance to just unwind by the sea in a beautiful hotel room. You can visit the local restaurant or have some fun in the game zone, but the most popular spot in the resort is, of course, the captivating beach.

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