How To Find Your Best Lip Colour

Even if you are not a heavy makeup user, you have probably tried a fair share of lipsticks to know that not all lipstick shades are created equal. Some lip colours will simply never work for you, no matter how much you try to build them into your makeup look, and others will make your makeup look complete even if you don’t wear anything besides the lipstick. Here is how to find a lip colour that will work for you 100% of the time!

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1. Determine your skin tone

Your natural skin tone is probably the most important factor in choosing your perfect lip colour. If you have bought a lipstick you thought was perfect for you but it ended up looking completely out of place, it is probably because it wasn’t the right fit for your skin tone.

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For chocolate skin, there are three possible skin tones you can have: medium, dark, and deep. There are several ways to know which tone you are, including comparing your skin to the skin of models in online articles on skin tones.

It is also important to know your skin undertone, which can be cool, warm, or neutral. This factor can be determined by looking at your veins: blue veins mean cool undertones and green veins signal about warm undertones. You can also check your eye and hair colour and see whether it’s cool or warm – the same will usually go for your skin undertones.

If you found your skin tone to be medium, you can wear nearly any shade of red, pink, and nude, provided that it matches your natural colouring, while purple and brown shades are not a good option for you. Dark skin looks fantastic with bold shades of red, orange, and purple. If you are a deep-skinned beauty, consider choosing a dramatic colour like wine or plum red, a blue-based red, or a caramel lip for a natural look.

2. Consider the shape and size of your lips

If you have thin lips, your natural instinct may be to wear bold and bright lip shades to create an illusion that your lips are actually plump. However, vivid lip colours on thin lips will only make their thinness look more visible. Instead, opt for glossy, lighter shades for a plump look.

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If your lips are naturally plump, glossy lip colours and textures are best to be avoided if you don’t want to go overboard. Luckily, you can get away with pretty much any bold lip colour, as well as nude shades for a natural makeup look.

You should also consider the shape of your lips when you are looking for the perfect lip colour. If your upper lip is bigger than the lower lip, you can wear the same lipstick tone on both, but go for the darker shade for the upper lip. In case you are dealing with a reverse situation, put one shade of lipstick on both lips, but add a drop of nude lip gloss to the centre of the upper lip.

3. Look at your teeth colour

Very few people have flawlessly white teeth, but if you are one of them, congratulations – you can wear pretty much any lipstick shade you find appealing. If your teeth have a yellow tint, you should avoid brown and purple lip colours, as well as warm-toned reds. Blue-based reds, rose reds, and light orange colours are your best options for making your teeth visually whiter.

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