Top 5 Made In Nigeria Products You Can Export

Many popular business ideas in Nigeria are connected to importing various goods like clothes, food products, and cosmetics from overseas and selling them here for profit. However, you can achieve as much success with doing the opposite and exporting the goods produced in Nigeria abroad. Here are 5 ideas for a successful export business.

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1. Fabrics

Even if you are not a big connoisseur of fashion, you are probably very familiar with popular Nigerian fabrics. Materials like Ankara, Aso Oke, Atiku, Brocade, and chiffon, are widely beloved among Nigerian fashionistas and can be seen everywhere in Nigeria.

The good news is that there is a huge market for these authentic fabrics overseas. Your potential audience includes both Nigerians who moved to other parts of the globe and now want to honour their traditional wear, and people from other countries who are fascinated by the beautiful and intricate Nigerian fabrics and want to use them in their own clothes.

2. Herbs

There are dozens of herbs produced in Nigeria that have a variety of medicinal and cosmetic uses. You can probably name a few that can be found in your medicine cabinet right now, but the truth is that those herbs are also very popular overseas.

The most popular Nigerian herb is, of course, moringa, which is widely referred to as the next best superfood. There are also hibiscus flowers, tiger nuts, shea butter, and a variety of other herbs and herbal products that have a huge potential for international trade.

3. Palm oil

If we had to name one of the staples of the Nigerian agricultural market, it would be the palm oil. Palm oil has numerous uses in everyday life and is something every Nigerian buys frequently. It is also one of the hottest commodities for exporting overseas.

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Around the world, palm kernel oil is used in a variety of ways. Its most common use is in food production, where it is highly regarded for its nutritional value and versatility. Palm oil is also a popular component of the cosmetics industry all over the globe.

4. Spices

Nigerian cuisine is famously delicious, and the main reason for that is the range of local spices that are present in every kitchen around the country. You can help other countries explore the delicious Nigerian flavours while also building a thriving business.

The popular Nigerian spices include ginger, garlic, several types of peppers, and sesame seeds. You can also export crayfish and dried fish, which can give soups and stews that inimitable flavour that is so appreciated overseas.

5. Cosmetics

The cosmetics market in Nigeria is booming right now. There are hundreds of local manufacturers making all kinds of cosmetics that are very popular with Nigerian women and men. There is also a huge potential in selling Nigerian cosmetics abroad.

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The most sought-after Nigerian-made cosmetics product is, of course, authentic black soap. Moreover, you can export shampoo and other products for hair beauty and styling, trendy makeup from the leading Nigerian brands, and wonderful skincare products made from natural ingredients.

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