How Much Does A Nigerian Wedding Cost?

A wedding is one of the happiest moments of anyone’s life, but it is also often associated with huge expenses. Despite some persistent rumours, it’s possible to have a great wedding on any budget, but how much exactly does an average wedding in Nigeria cost? Find out right now!

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There are several factors that go into the planning of any wedding. The two most important factors are the location and the number of guests. Obviously, a wedding in Lagos will cost more than a wedding in most other Nigerian cities and states. Similarly, a 30-guest wedding is considerably cheaper to plan than a 250-guest wedding. To calculate the average cost of a wedding in Nigeria, we will work with a Lagos wedding with 100 guests in attendance.

1. Wedding planner

Some brides can do everything by themselves or with the help of their friends and family members, but if you want everything to go over smoothly, you will need to hire an event planner. A wedding planner will take care of everything and will work closely with you to make your dream wedding come true.

Cost: ₦120,000-150,000.

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2. Venue

We all have different preferences when it comes to the ideal wedding venue, but what matters the most is that it’s easily accessible, appropriate for the occasion, and beautifully decorated. In this section of your wedding budget, you will need to account not just for the venue itself, but also for decoration services.

Cost: ₦180,000-200,000.

3. Wedding rings

If there is one thing that a wedding cannot be imagined without, it’s a pair of wedding rings. The good news is that you don’t need gold or platinum and diamond rings to make your wedding day special. Silver, steel, or tungsten rings can look just as good and cost several times less than gold.

Cost: ₦20,000-50,000.

4. Wedding attire

Unless you are planning a very casual wedding where the bride and the groom will wear the clothes they already have in their closets, you will need at least one wedding gown and a suit for the groom. You will also need footwear, a veil, jewelry, and other accessories, as well as a wedding bouquet for the bride. If you don’t want to do your own hair and makeup, you will need to hire a makeup artist and hairdresser for your big day.

Cost: ₦110,000-140,000.

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5. Entertainment

For most weddings, you will need an MC – a person who directs the flow of the event and makes the wedding fun and memorable for everyone involved. A wedding is also not complete without music. You can opt for a DJ who will play your favourite tracks and hit songs, but you can also hire a wedding band – live music is always a good choice.

Cost: ₦140,000-160,000.

6. Catering

Even though no one comes to the wedding solely to eat and drink, tasty food and drinks are an essential part of a positive wedding experience. You can go for full catering or only order small chops for the wedding guests. You will also need soft drinks for everyone. As for the alcohol, you can only serve cocktails or provide an open bar option to your guests.

Cost: ₦180,000-200,000.

7. Wedding favours

This is not a mandatory part of wedding planning and budgeting, but sending your wedding guests home with a small but memorable gift that will remind them about the event for years or even decades is a sign of a skilled wedding planner.

Cost: ₦80,000-100,000.

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8. Total: ₦800,000-1,000,000

It’s no secret that brides and grooms can have different expectations and budgets for their weddings. That is why we deliberately provided a possible range of costs rather than just one price for every part of the wedding budget. And even those expenses are not set in stone – it is possible to have a beautiful wedding with less or more money than that!

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