“I Am 53% Nigerian” – Lil Wayne

As one of the most popular and talented rappers of his generation, Lil Wayne constantly keeps his fans on the edges of the seats anticipating the rapper’s next release. Last week, Lil Wayne surprised his fan again, but this time, with an announcement that he is 53% Nigerian. Find out more right now!

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For a long time, Lil Wayne was believed to be 100% African American. He grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana, and was born to African American parents named Jacida and Dwayne Carter. Lil Wayne, who was actually born under the name of Dwayne Carter like his farther, had a tumultuous upbringing.

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Growing up in a poor neighbourhood of New Orleans, Lil Wayne had only his mother to turn to from the age of 2. His father, Dwayne, abandoned the family and has not had a relationship with his son ever since. This was the reason why the rapper dropped the D from his name and became known as Lil Wayne.

The question of Lil Wayne’s heritage was not raised very often until last week, when the rap star was a guest of the Drunk Champs podcast, hosted by N.O.R.E., a New York-based hip-hop artist, and DJ EFN, a DJ and record producer.

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During his appearance on the podcast, Lil Wayne revealed that he has recently completed an ancestry test by 23andMe. Among other things, the results of this test showed that Lil Wayne is actually 53% Nigerian. The news definitely surprised the rapper, who joked that he would have to have a serious conversation with his mother following the revelation.

Lil wayne is 53% Nigerian 🇳🇬 ( drink champs)

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When asked whether he would want to visit Nigeria now that he knows about his connection to the country, Lil Wayne replied: “I’ve got to go to Nigeria. I’ve got to go see that place.”. Interestingly enough, this is not the first time the rapper mentioned Nigeria as his potential travel destination. Several weeks ago, when playing Never Have I Ever at American Eagle, Lil Wayne was asked which place in the world he would like to visit the most, to which he replied Nigeria and Egypt. We will just have to wait and see whether, as a 53% Nigerian, Lil Wayne will get to Nigeria any time soon.

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