10 Nigerian Podcasts You Need To Check Out

Podcasting has become popular recently. Or maybe this is just a comeback? Regardless of the answer, you can learn a lot of new things while listening to podcasts, have fun, advance your career, and get some inspiration. That’s why we’ve picked some interesting podcasts for you to check out.

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#1. Voice of Change – learn to be a leader

This is a broadcast dedicated to revealing and unleashing your potential. It will help to become more confident and step on the path of positive transformation. If you feel like it’s time to change something in your life and accept new challenges, welcome to the broadcast for future Nigerian leaders.

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best nigerian podcasts

#2. Nigerian American – an opinion on culture & society

You may know the host of the podcast – it’s eLDee, a musician, producer, entrepreneur, and social influencer. eLDee is an innovator in music, who managed to produce some great projects in the US. He uses engaging storytelling to share mostly personal stories and experiences.

#3. DJ Shinski Mixes – listen to some tunes

Dj Shinski was named the Best African Dj three times; he is also the World Dj of the year, the Winner of the 1st Dj Spinoff in Houston Texas. His sound is always evolving, and if you are into the electronic music, check out this podcast.

#4. Loose Talk! – pop culture discussions

The hosts love to share their knowledge of the diverse aspects of pop culture. You can hear them discussing media and lifestyle, TV and radio, movies and sports, sometimes even religion and politics. This is a good source to find out what is going on in the world. The hosts are AOT2, BadGirl Mo, Jess Jess Finesse, and Steve Dede.

#5. EMPIRE LIFESTYLE – get real estate insights

Mr. Tux, or Ola Abitogun, was born in Dallas and raised in Nigeria. He studied in NJ Institute of Technology and established myEmpirePRO. Today, he has a happy family life, quite impressive business achievements, and a desire to share everything he knows about real estate and marketing in general.

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#6. Tales of an African Princess in America – hear honest personal stories

The podcast hostess moved to the USA, and she decided that it will be interesting for the listeners to learn some insights and experiences. She is passionate about education, healthcare, and career growth so you’ll hear a lot on these subjects. This is a perfect podcast for people looking for inspiration and motivation.

#7. Naija Biz Review – get business news & updates

This podcast is hosted by Olumuyiwa George – a founder of a digital marketing and talent agency in Lagos. He knows quite a lot about marketing, sales, corporate culture, and startups. If you are interested in business want to keep your eyes on the ball, check out his podcasts.

#8. West African Folk Tales by William H. Barker – give a listen for your kids

Our favourite fairy tales from Nigeria, Ghana, Mali, and other countries of the region, are now available in the audio format. The original collection was published in 1917, and these stories are still interesting and pleasant to hear. If you are looking for a minute to escape in a better world, you know where to go now.

#9. 90 & a little Extra – learn about the business side of the football

If you are more than an average football fan, you’ll enjoy listening to some industry insights, discussions, and analysis. The hosts cover the business side of the favourite game, bringing Nigerian football with its business achievements and shortcomings to the spotlight.

best nigerian podcasts

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#10. The Intelligence – enjoy an international sneak peek

This is a podcast by The Economist’s worldwide network. Here you can listen to some of the most popular stories. Although some of them don’t make headlines, they definitely should do. If you are interested in international affairs, you’ll enjoy this one.

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