How To Make Money Selling eBooks

Right now, information is one of the hottest commodities in the world. People are hungry for knowledge, and while there is plenty of information you can find on the internet for free, writing and selling eBooks is an effective and fulfilling way of making money. Here is a step-by-step guide on earning money by selling eBooks.

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1. Choose your niche

You probably will not be surprised to find out that not all eBook categories are equally popular with readers and can turn a hobby into a profitable business. However, when choosing the niche for your eBook venture, you need to consider not only the trends, but also your personal interests and beliefs.

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How-to and self-help guides are a timeless classic that will always find its readers, but in order to successfully sell this type of eBooks, you need to have your own life together – no one will buy a “How To Get Rich” eBook from a person who is obviously struggling financially.

If you have a hobby or interest and are ready to tell the world about it, you can use it for your new eBook. Travel guides, tutorials, books on technology, psychology, and religion are highly marketable because people are always willing to learn.  Finally, if you believe you have an impressive writing talent, you can start your eBook business with fiction books, romance or historical novels, or detective books.

2. Write your eBook

Perhaps, the most important step of establishing your eBook venture is writing the book itself. Whether it’s your first time writing a book or you have done it before, you need to take this step seriously, as people will never come back to buy your next works if they are disappointed with the first one.

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Start your eBook writing process by creating an outline for the whole book – it will help you organize your ideas better. You can write your eBook completely from scratch, use public domain information, or include information from other people’s works – in that case, you will need to properly reference them at the end of your work.

If you are only beginning to sell eBooks, you will probably combine writing with your day job. Even in that case, you need to establish a certain routine. Work every day for a set amount of time, and when you have your first draft, rewrite and edit for as long as your eBook looks and reads absolutely perfect.

3. Format your eBook

Since an eBook is not intended to be printed like a regular book, it has its own formatting rules that are somewhat similar. At the beginning of the book, you need to have a clickable table of contents. Supply your eBook with illustrations, quotes, and other ways to spice up the text. The format of an eBook offers so many opportunities that you can include animations and videos.

You will also need to choose an attention-grabbing title that is very relevant to your book – when people don’t know the author, they will make their decision to buy an eBook based on the title. The cover of an eBook is also an essential deciding factor for the prospective readers: if you are not particularly confident in your design skills, you can commission a freelance designer to do the cover for you. When the book is ready, you need to convert it into a format suitable for eBooks. We recommend .pdf or .epub.

4. Market and sell your eBook

Once you finally have the finished eBook at hand, it’s time to make your first money with it. As an eBook author, you have several ways to sell it. First, you can try marketplaces like Amazon, but you need to keep in mind that marketplaces usually take out a substantial chunk of your revenue, so you will end up making less money than expected.

Alternatively, you can sell your eBook on your own website or blog – it really helps to have an established and loyal audience who cannot wait to read your work. In that case, you will need to add a payment system to your site, so that readers could easily purchase your creation.

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In this day and age, you also should not ignore the power of social media to market your book. Warm up your audience by posting announcements about the progress of your book, and when it is finished, post links to your site where people can buy it. Encourage your social media followers to spread the word about your eBook, and as long as it is well-written and useful, it will always find its readers.

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