Easy Tricks To Read More Books

For many people, reading reminds those promises to start a new life on Monday: you want to do it but postpone all the time for no significant reason. The secret, however, is simple: just take a book and start reading. And if you need a push, here it is.

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How to start reading after a break

  • Discover a new genre. Switch to comic books or nonfiction, choose something you haven’t read before.
  • Try a new format. Buy a paper book if you usually read ebooks, or vice versa, or download an app for reading on your phone.
  • Join a book club. You’ll meet new people and will be able to discuss the books you read.
  • Make reading your priority. At least for a while. You can live without books but reading makes your life more interesting and colourful.


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How to start reading more

Let’s outline some rules and tips that will help to add reading to your routine and become more disciplined. The fast life pace shouldn’t interfere with your desire to become more educated, bring back your hobby, or build some new habits.

Decide on the number

Human brain copes better the goals it can estimate in numbers. How many books would you like to read during by the end of the year? Don’t set plans that are unrealistic. If 12, one for each month, sounds good, promise to read one book monthly.

Leave a book you don’t like

Don’t waste your time for something you don’t like. Don’t turn reading into torture. It is better to choose something else and read a thing you’ll enjoy (a note for students: if it is not your homework and your grades depend on this reading).

Read different books

It will be more interesting and effective to take turns in what you read: start with nonfiction, move to children literature, then to classics, to modern authors, and so on. Each of these books will have a different effect on your outlook.

Choose books instead of social networks

If you plan to spend the next 30 minutes staring into the Instagram feed, just put aside your phone and open a book instead. If you distract from the book all the time, turn it off for a while or get another book – maybe this one is just not interesting for you.


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Come up with some rituals

Read on public transport or before you go to bed. Make every Sunday morning a reading morning. Make it a special time – a piece of a puzzle of your weekly routine, without which everything goes wrong. Thus, you’ll be less likely to forget about reading.

Carry a book with you all the time

If you stuck in a traffic jam or a long queue, have an unexpected trip, wait for a friend who is very late, or have nothing to do at work this day, read several pages or chapters. It will be much better than watching people or staring at your feed.

Read several books simultaneously

You can pick 3-4 books to read at the same time. Keep one at home, one in your bag, and one on your phone or laptop. You can choose books from different genres to make sure the characters and events don’t twist and tangle.

Discuss books

If you have some friends who like reading, share the books and discuss after you read them. If not, you can join a literature club or some online communities. You can also start writing online reviews on book websites or forums or start a book blog.


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Don’t focus on the speed

Some like to read fast, some like to read slow – it doesn’t really matter, this is not a competition. Read for pleasure and self-development. If you need to stop and think over some moment or to process everything after reading, take your time.

Think about it as of pleasant occupation

Don’t turn reading into a burden – don’t do it because it is trendy, seemingly useful, or because everyone at work discusses some books on management. Reading should be fun, entertaining, educative. It should trigger emotions and ideas, not make you bored and become an annoying chore.

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