How To Check BVN On Your Phone

BVN, or Bank Verification Number, is an 11-digit number that serves as your unique identifier when you are trying to access various financial and banking services. Those 11 digits are hard to remember, and if you have written them somewhere and can’t recall where it is, here is how you can check your BVN using only your phone.

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1. What is BVN?

Nigeria is one of the few countries who have their own bank identification systems for their citizens. Back in 2014, when BVN was launched, many Nigerian bank customers were surprised to see BVN introduced in the country and questioned its necessity.

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The Central Bank of Nigeria, who collaborated with other Nigerian banks to roll out BVN, gave several reasons for introducing the identification system. Most importantly, giving a unique BVN to every Nigerian citizen is believed to prevent fraudulent activities around the country and speed up the transition to cashless financial operations.

One of the biggest benefits of BVN is that even when you are issued your verification number by one bank, you can then use your BVN across all financial institutions in Nigeria. Customers use BVN to add security to their bank accounts and avoid unnecessary steps when performing regular financial operations. That is why, especially if you are an active user of financial services in Nigeria, you need to always have quick access to your BVN.

2. How to check BVN from your phone

In Nigeria, there is a universal phone number that you need to dial if you want to know your Bank Verification Number. Before making the request over your phone, make sure you are using a phone number that is registered at the financial institution where you obtained your BVN. To see your BVN, all you need to do is dial *565*0#.

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Within a few seconds, you will receive your Bank Verification Number as a message on the phone screen. Note that this service comes at a cost: you will be charged ₦20 for each request, even if your number is not yet registered in the BVN system. In that case, you will receive a message stating that your number is not enrolled in the BVN database, but you can obtain your BVN in a few simple steps.

3. How to obtain a BVN in Nigeria

Millions of Nigerians already have their Bank Verification Numbers and enjoy the perks of quick and effortless transactions, but if you are not a BVN customer yet, here is how you can get your BVN in Nigeria:

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  1. Visit the nearest bank of your choice.
  2. Request a BVN enrollment form and fill it in.
  3. Submit your form to the bank.
  4. Have your biometric data (thumbprint and/or face) sampled by the bank.
  5. Receive your Bank Verification Number within 24 hours from submitting the form.

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