10 Nigerian Cures And Herbal Remedies You Need To Know About

Evidence-based medicine is considered to be the most effective way to treat various diseases and conditions, but millions of Nigerians swear by traditional medicine. There are numerous Nigerian herbal remedies that have been used for centuries, and here are the 10 most important ones.

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1. Bitter leaf

Bitter leaf is one of the most popular medicinal plants used in Nigeria. It is also a popular cooking ingredient, which means you can get the best of both worlds. Bitter leaf is mainly used in its fresh form for treating insomnia, pneumonia, and digestive problems. Bitter leaf is also believed to increase fertility in women, increasing the possibility of conception.

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2. Yam

Yam is one of the most essential Nigerian cuisine staples, but it turns out yams can also be very beneficial for your health. The most commonly reported medicinal uses of yams include their ability to boost brain function, alleviate the symptoms of menopause, reduce chronic inflammation, and normalize blood sugar levels.

3. Moringa

For several years, moringa has been named among the new African superfoods, and numerous Nigerians have already experienced the treatment effect of moringa. Moringa’s most important health benefits are the treatment of stomach upsets and bacterial infections, increasing the density and strength of bones, and prevention of several types of cancer.

4. Baobab

Baobab fruit is only gaining popularity as a natural treatment, but it’s about time more people found out about its powerful health benefits. Right now, baobab fruit is used to improve digestive health, balance the blood sugar levels, reduce inflammation in various parts of the body, and supply the body with a range of valuable nutrients.

5. Cashew

In addition to being a delicious snack and an ingredient of many tasty dishes, cashew is also an essential component of Nigerian herbal medicine. The humble cashew can improve eye health, help maintain a healthy cardiovascular system, supply your body with important fibers, and even help your skin and hair look better than ever before.

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6. Zobo

Zobo drink, or hibiscus tea, is deservedly one of Nigeria’s most beloved refreshing drinks. However, there is one more reason to include zobo in your daily food intake. Hibiscus plant is known to lower cholesterol levels, normalize blood pressure, aid in the treatment of inflammations and bacterial infections, and even relieve depression.

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7. Scent leaf

Next time you are putting scent leaf into your cooking to add that signature flavour, remember that you are also getting the many health benefits of scent leaf. Scent leaf has over 10 positive effects on health, including the treatment of fungal infections, relief for different types of pain, and an essential component of oral hygiene.

8. Bitter kola

Ever wondered why so many Nigerians can not go through a single day without chewing a couple of bitter kola nuts? Bitter kola is a powerful solution against dozens of conditions and diseases, including osteoarthritis, lung infections, glaucoma, malaria, and impotence. Bitter kola was also found to strengthen the immune system.

9. African bush mango

For many people, mango is simply a delicious fruit that tastes great both on its own and in various desserts. However, there are a few more reasons to add African mango to your everyday diet: it can improve cardiovascular health, relieve constipation, lower high blood pressure, and suppress your appetite for a more effective weight loss journey.

10. Garlic

There are few plants that are as widely regarded for their amazing health benefits as garlic. In addition to being one of the most popular ways to flavour even the blandest food, garlic can also help you recover from a cold quicker, treat hypertension, lower the level of bad cholesterol in the blood, and increase productivity by fighting fatigue.

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