Countries Who Will Pay You To Move There

Even if you are very happy living where you are, immigration regularly crosses the minds of most people around the world. If you are considering moving to another country some time in the future, here 7 countries that are prepared to pay the people who decide to move there.

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1. Italy

The Italian city Candela is an old town that has an apparent population problem. In an attempt to get more young, active people to move into the city, the Candela government decided to give every new inhabitant a stimulus package. To qualify for it, you must make €7,500 a year, live in Candela permanently, and rent a house.

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2. USA

Not every USA state is ready to give a warm welcome to people moving in, but Alaska is a different story. If you are not afraid of the cold and the slightly desolate surroundings, you can move to Alaska and, after you’ve lived there for a year, you will receive a cut of the state’s mineral resources profit every year without doing anything!

3. Ireland

Ireland may not accept everyone who wants to relocate there, but it wants to see one specific category of people as its expats. If you are a promising entrepreneur with a solid business plan and you think Ireland is perfect for your new venture, all you need to do is convince the government that your idea is worthy of an investment.

4. Chile

South America is probably not your first choice when you are thinking of relocating to another country, but there are some good reasons to consider Chile as your new country of residence. The Chilean government is prepared to pay $50,000 to foreigners who want to start a business in the country and can prove that it’s viable. The Start-Up Chile program is particularly looking for female entrepreneurs.

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5. Spain

Spain has a rather favourable demographic situation, but there is one remote location that the Spanish government is trying to breathe life back in. Ponga village, located in picturesque mountain terrain, will pay $3,000 to each of the people who decide to move there and $3,000 for each child they will have there, provided that you stay in the area for at least 5 years.

6. New Zealand

The town of Kaitangata in New Zealand is desperate to increase its population and to inhabit the lands that have been empty for centuries. Anyone moving to the town will get a decent chunk of land, in addition to substantial help with settling down, building your house, and making a living in your new home town.

7. Switzerland

If you have always enjoyed the mountainous views of Switzerland and dreamed of the day you could enjoy them from your own window, the time might have come. The tiny town of Albinen with a population of under 250 people will pay $25,000 to adults and $10,000 to children who buy or build property in the town and live there continuously for more than 10 years.

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