How To Do Cat Eye Make Up For Different Eye Shapes

Cat eye makeup is one of the most iconic makeup looks for several strong reasons. It looks fantastic in any situation, can be modified to match different styles and occasions, and it super easy to master. Here is how to do cat eye makeup for 3 different eye shapes.

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1. Cat eye for round eyes

Round eyes look adorable and naive, but it can be difficult to find a makeup style that works for you. An easy way to tell that you have round eyes is to take a look at your iris: if you can fully see its top or its bottom, it means your eyes have a round shape.

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The good news is that it doesn’t take any professional makeup skills to find the perfect cat eye technique for your eyes. For this look, you will need to start working from the outer corner of the eye and draw the first line that is several mm long. Then draw a line from the outer corner to the centre of your eyelid, stopping there instead of reaching all the way to the inner corner of your eye. That way, you will give your eyes an elongated shape with just a few strokes of the brush.

2. Cat eye for hooded eyes

Women with hooded eyes often feel uneasy about complicated makeup looks: no matter how good your technique is, when your crease is not visible, you can feel like your efforts are going to waste. Luckily, cat eye is the perfect makeup look for hooded eyes because all action takes place just above your lash line.

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To create the most flawless cat eye, open your eyes and start the outer wing tip in a place where your hood starts. Then work your way down along the lash line, applying the eyeliner in short strokes for better precision. It’s best to use an extra long-lasting eyeliner, so that it stays in one place even if your hood is in close contact with the line.

3. Cat eye for almond eyes

Almond-eyed girls should feel lucky when it comes to eye makeup, because almond-shaped eyes with open eyelids give you a nearly unlimited space for experiments. Even with cat eye makeup, there are dozens of styles and colour combinations you can try.

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When your eyes are oval and have narrow corners, your best option is a classic cat eye that stretches all across your lash line and has a tip that ends just where your crease begins. You can make the eye line equally thick in every section or start with a narrow eye line in the inner corner of the eye, slowly making it thicker towards the end and finishing with a needle-sharp tip of the wing.

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