Five Fancy Instagram Grid Layouts You Should Try

Whether you are using Instagram for business or as your personal blog, you are probably investing a lot of effort into making your feed look appealing and attractive to new followers. One of the most surefire ways to attract the attention of the visitors is to use a special grid layout, and here are 5 must-try Instagram grid layout ideas.

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1. Horizontal rows

This is one of the most classic and yet trendiest Instagram grid layouts that works perfectly for all kinds of accounts. With this layout, you simply post three photos at a time to create a coherent story. They can be three parts of the same picture or simply have the same theme. For example, a series of three pictures placed in a row can tell the story of your recent weekend getaway, visit to a restaurant, or, if you are running a business Instagram account, an announcement about your next promotion.

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2. Puzzle grid

This is not your regular Instagram layout – it should be used in some special cases. For example, if you are only launching your Instagram account and want to hook up new visitors with your aesthetics, or if your brand has a huge announcement to make. In all other cases, a puzzle grid may seem excessive and hard to maintain. Creating a puzzle grid is not at all difficult: you just take the main picture and splice it into 9 or 12 pieces, then post the pieces one by one as quickly as possible.

3. Consistent colour scheme

If your blog has a clear theme or you simply love consistency, this is the ideal grid for you. First, consistently using the same colours is incredibly appealing to your followers who will easily recognize your posts in their feed. Second, a colour-themed Instagram grid is super easy to maintain. Third, your choice of colours can easily reflect who you are and what your blog is about. A serene blog about family life will benefit from neutral tones with some colourful accents, and this rainbow grid is perfect for a bright, fascinating personality.

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4. Checkerboard grid

A checkerboard grid is very popular among Instagram bloggers for two reasons. First, it’s easy to maintain and gives you more freedom of choice than, for example, a puzzle grid. Second, it allows you to combine your two favourite types of posts without sacrificing the idea of your blog. A popular way to create a checkerboard Instagram grid is to alternate picture and quote posts, but you can also alternate two different colours or photo objects – for example, if you run a blog about your dog and cat.

5. Diagonal grid

If you are a fan of geometric Instagram layout but want to try something different to straight rows or checkerboards, here is an option you will love. A diagonal grid features a series of similar posts located diagonally from the top right to the bottom left corner or vice versa. With this type of Instagram, layout, you can draw the attention of your visitors to the stuff that really matters while keeping everything else as a background. However, you need to be extra careful about your posting order – an Instagram planner or scheduler may be very helpful in this situation.

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