Top 5 Trending Businesses In Nigeria

The COVID-19 pandemic has proven to be a tough time for businesses around the world and in Nigeria. However, even though businesses are slowly reopening and people are returning back to work, some are deciding that this is the perfect time to launch their own business. Here are 5 business ideas that can help you thrive in 2020.

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1. Daycare/nannies

Nigeria already has a high birth rate, and it’s expected to spike later this year when the so-called “quarantine babies” are born. While some women prefer to stay at home and raise their children, some don’t want to give up their careers. This is where a daycare centre comes in handy. Located in a highly populated, wealthy area, and staffed with the most qualified personnel, a daycare is bound to be a success. Alternatively, you can launch a company connecting families in need of child care with professional nannies, making a fee from every successful employment.

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2. Fast food and delivery

Food is the most basic need of any human being, but more and more women, who traditionally cook for the whole family, want to be sometimes relieved of their duties. This is where another promising business idea can be found. A fast food joint located in a popular area can help thousands of families avoid cooking even just for one day. And it’s even better if you offer delivery services – that way, your customer base can expand greatly with very little effort.

3. Cosmetics production

No matter what kind of a crisis the world is going through at the moment, women will always want to look good and they will spare no expense on high-quality products. You can produce makeup, hair products, skin care, or anything else that has to do with beauty and self-care. It’s even better if you can produce all-natural, organic products. Marketing your new cosmetics line these days is also super easy – just hire influencers to promote your brand.

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4. Online marketing

If you don’t have a large startup budget but want to work independently on your own business, you can consider helping other businesses succeed through online marketing. More and more businesses are looking to increase their online presence, but they don’t have the skills or the time to do it. Mastering the art of online marketing can take you years, but you can begin promoting other businesses online after finishing one or two online courses. Online marketing includes advertising, social media marketing, link building, influencer marketing, and other tools to help businesses get seen.

5. Healthy lifestyle

The world in general and Nigerians in particular have been already adopting a healthy lifestyle when the coronavirus pandemic struck. Now millions of Nigerians are even more conscious about their health and will do anything to stay healthy and live longer. This is where you can start your thriving business. The opportunities here are endless: a gym, online workout classes, healthy and organic food shop, diet coaching, and even selling smoothies are all not only profitable business ideas, but can also help people from your area maintain their health and wellness.

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