How To Answer Your Calls From Another Person’s Phone If Your Battery Is Low Or Phone Is Off

In the time when we are so dependent on our mobile phones, losing the opportunity to receive calls for a while can make you feel uneasy and even hurt you professionally if your job requires you to always be near the phone. If your phone battery is low or you won’t have access to your mobile phone for some time, here is how to answer your calls from another person’s phone.

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No matter what you may be reading from questionable online sources, the only way to answer your phone calls on another person’s phone is to forward them to the target phone. This service may not be supported by your or another person’s service provider, but if it is supported, it can be easily turned on nearly any mobile device with the help of Settings. Alternatively, your service provider may have a specific procedure or a short USSD code to forward your calls, so make sure to try the provider’s website first. Here is how to forward phone calls on Android and Apple mobile phones.

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1. How to forward calls on Android phones

To forward your calls to another person’s phone while you temporarily don’t have access to your own device, here is what you need to do:

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  1. Launch the Phone app.
  2. Tap the menu button or the icon with three dots to reveal the available menu options.
  3. If there is a Call Settings option, choose it. If there are only Settings, go there and then Choose Call Settings.
  4. Find the Call Forwarding option.
  5. There are several ways to forward your calls: Always Forward, where 100% of your calls are forwarded to another number, Forward When Unanswered, when the caller misses you, Forward When Unreached, when your phone is off, and Forward When Busy, when you manually reject the call. Choose whichever option is the most appropriate one in your situation. Normally, you’ll want to choose Always Forward if you are going to be away from your phone for some time.
  6. Enter the phone number where your calls will be forwarded and confirm your choice by tapping Enable or OK.
  7. Don’t forget to disable call forwarding when you get full access to your mobile phone again.

2. How to forward calls on iPhones

iPhones make it even easier to transfer your calls to another number, as iOS doesn’t even make you choose the type of call forwarding feature you want to use. Here is how to forward the calls from your phone to another person’s telephone number.

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  1. Go to your phone’s general Settings, choose Phone, and then find the Call Forwarding option.
  2. Use the switch to turn on call forwarding.
  3. Enter the target number that will temporarily receive your calls, beginning with +.
  4. Return to the previous menu to quit the call forwarding settings. Your changes will be saved automatically.
  5. Don’t forget to turn call forwarding off when you have steady access to your phone again.

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