How To Grow Back And Maintain Your Natural Hair Edges

The first few rows of hair growing on your forehead, known as hair edges, are some of the most delicate and thin hairs on your head. They can be easily damaged by tight protective styles, excessive styling, or even washing your hair. Here is how to regrow your edges and maintain them at home!

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1. Get patient

Losing your edges can happen in a matter of hours, but growing them back is going to take more than that. You should prepare for months of constant work to get your edges back where they once were, and while that journey can seem unbearable at times, it will eventually bring you the desired results.

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2. Avoid touching your edges

Having your edges disappear typically happens for reasons other than excessive touching, but for some women, that’s exactly what hurts their hair edges the most. You will be surprised by how often you may touch or even tug on your edges without even realizing it, which is why it’s essential to keep your hands off those delicate hairs.

3. Use natural oils

Natural oils can do wonders for your hair and they can be very good to your edges as well. Pick your favourite hair oil – it can be black castor oil, jojoba oil, or almond oil – and massage it into your scalp, paying special attention to the edges. That way, you will not only help your scalp absorb all of the nutrients, but will also improve blood circulation, which, in turn, will promote hair growth.

4. Reconsider your views on protective styles

We are used to thinking about protective hairstyles as the go-to way to help natural hair growth without the pressure of daily styling, but adding extensions to make your braids or dreadlocks fuller can also lead to serious damage to your edges. Even if you decide to get a protective hairstyle, ask your stylist not to use as many extensions and avoid braiding on your edges.

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5. Add deep conditioning to your routine

You can stimulate the growth of your hair edges with regular scalp massages and the use of oils, but you should also work to make your edges fuller and thicker. To achieve it, you will need some regular deep conditioning or hot oil treatments, whichever works best for your lifestyle and hair.

6. Protect your hair at night

Even the most high-quality cotton pillowcase will absorb the natural oil and conditioners from your hair when you are tossing and turning during the night, leading to your hair and edges becoming dry, brittle, or gradually falling out. Wearing a silk scarf or a bonnet to protect your hair during the night and sleeping on a silk pillowcase to minimize the friction will help you ensure a gorgeous look of your edges.

7. Work on your diet

The state of your health has a huge influence on the look and strength of your hair. While you are improving your edges from the outside with conditioners, oils, and lack of excessive styling, it’s also important to upgrade your diet to make it better for your hair. Your food needs to be full of nutrients and minerals with special attention being paid to protein-rich food products, as they directly impact hair growth.

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