List Of Items You Can Export From Nigeria For Cool Money

When contemplating new businesses to launch in Nigeria, most people first think about importing foreign goods to the country. And while there are plenty of import business opportunities to try right now, you can achieve equally impressive results by exporting popular Nigerian products overseas. Here are 10 items you can export from Nigeria right now.

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1. Fertilizers

On one hand, Nigeria continues to import fertilizers for its agricultural industry from overseas. On the other hand, the fertilizer industry in Nigeria is growing rapidly and the amount of fertilizers exported to other countries continues to grow, so now may be a great time to jump on the bandwagon.

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2. Cocoa products

Cocoa farming is thriving in Nigeria and there are numerous cocoa products you can export for a sizeable profit. Cocoa butter is a popular commodity in the pharmaceutical and skin care industries, and cocoa beans are an essential component of chocolate production.

3. Fabrics

There are many types of fabrics that are regularly imported to Nigeria, but there are also plenty of authentic Nigerian fabrics that have a huge export potential. For example, Ankara has already been used in numerous fashion collections and celebrity looks, and it will only get more popular from here.

4. Sesame seeds

The production of sesame seeds seems like a very niche industry until you learn that Nigeria is the fifth largest exporter of the product in the world. Growing sesame seeds takes some agricultural knowledge and experience, but the results can exceed your expectations.

5. Yams

It’s hard to find a Nigerian household where yam isn’t one of the kitchen staples. There are lots of things you can make with yams, from snacks to dinner garnishes. The truth is that there is a high demand in the world for high-quality, fresh yams.

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6. Skin care

People all over the world are hungry for effective and natural skin care products that are made by small honest businesses and not giant international corporations. Exporting things like black soap, body lotions, clay masks, and skin oil can allow you to grow your profits while also helping people get access to better skin care.

7. Palm kernel oil

Palm kernel oil should not be confused with palm oil – while both are widely produced in Nigeria, palm kernel oil has a better exporting potential. Palm kernel oil is actively used in food production, but it’s also a valuable cosmetic and pharmaceutical ingredient, which makes it a popular export option.

8. Crafts

The international market for handmade, authentic crafts is on the rise. People all over the world will happily buy a Nigerian-produced handbag, piece of jewelry, or pair of shoes if they have the opportunity. Exporting Nigerian-made crafts can help you occupy a relatively free niche before it gets too competitive.

9. Shea butter

It’s hard to find another product that is more widely used in the cosmetic industry than shea butter. Nigeria produces large quantities of shea butter annually, and while much of it is used by local businesses, there is also an opportunity to export raw, organic, unrefined shea butter overseas for a sizeable profit.

10. Cashew nuts

Ever since the world found out about the many health benefits and the delicately sweet taste of cashews, it became hungry for more. Cashew nuts are produced in many parts of Nigeria, and while they don’t cost as much as some other Nigerian exports, you can make a profit by selling them in bulk.

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