Which Nigerian Banks Open On Saturdays?

The 5-day work week and 9 to 5 workday have many advantages, but one of the most inconvenient things about it is that you work the same hours as most institutions, including banks. Luckily, there are some Nigerian banks that open their doors on Saturday, and here they are.

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1. United Bank for Africa

The United Bank for Africa, or UBA, announced a few years ago that some of its most popular offices across Nigeria will now operate on Saturdays to accommodate to the needs of the customers. Those offices include both Lagos branches and over two dozen branches in most Nigerian regions. You can find the list of all UBA branches that open on Saturdays here.

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2. Fidelity Bank

It has been over 5 years since select Nigerian Fidelity Bank branches have become available to customers on Saturdays. There are 15 Fidelity Bank locations that you can visit on Saturday, including 5 branches in Lagos and 3 branches in Kano. The opening hours of Fidelity Bank on Saturday are from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., which should fit most people’s weekend schedules.

3. Polaris Bank Limited

Polaris Bank Limited listened to the customer concerns and made many of its branches available on Saturdays. It then went one step further and opened several popular branches on Sundays. Note that on Sundays, Polaris Bank Limited only provides money transfer services, but on Saturdays, you can also open an account, place a deposit, and make a withdrawal in dozens of Polaris Bank branches across the country.

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4. First Bank of Nigeria

First Bank of Nigeria has one of the most widely developed networks on branches that open on Saturday. On top of that, the absolute majority of branches that are open on Saturday are also open on Sunday, which means even the busiest individuals can find the time to access the necessary banking services. Click here to see all the branches that open on Saturdays and Sundays and find the one closest to your location.

5. First City Monument Bank

For several years, First City Monument Bank was among the few Nigerian banks that opened their doors to customers on Saturdays. However, due to the spread of the coronavirus, the bank made the decision to temporarily suspend their Saturday operations. While we are waiting for the pandemic to wind down and for FCMB to start operating on Saturdays again, you can perform most necessary actions with the help of mobile banking.

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