What You Should Know About Land Sizes in Nigeria – Plots, Acres & Hectares

When shopping for land in Nigeria, there are dozens of things to keep in mind and watch out for. The size of the land is one of the most important parameters, but understanding land sizes in Nigeria can be a difficult challenge. Here is your guide to Nigerian land sizes that will help you understand them once and for all.

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1. What is a land plot?

Land plot refers to any piece of land for sale in Nigeria. A land plot can be used for building a residential or commercial property, starting a farm, or anything else you can typically do with a piece of land. In Nigeria, a land plot is usually a relatively small piece of land, but how big is a standard land plot exactly?

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The first thing to know about the standard land plot size in Nigeria is that there is no universal standard when it comes to land plots. However, as the real estate industry in the country is getting more organized and people want to save time when shopping for land, a new standard land plot size is now emerging. In most cases, you will see the standard land plot to be 30m x 30m, or 900 square meters, and half of a land plot is 30m x 15m, or 450 square meters.

2. Which land measurement units are now used?

One of the reasons why the property industry in Nigeria is so complicated and difficult to master for a beginner is that both metric and imperial measurement units are used in the country even though the metric system is the only official system in Nigeria. If you want to buy or sell your own land plot, or if you want to become a realtor and help people sell property for a living, you will need to learn to work with both measurement systems. Here are the most important units to know about:

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  • Meter. A meter is the most commonly used measurement unit that is used to determine the size of the plot. One meter is 100 centimeters. The size in meters refers to the length of one side of the plot. An ad for a land plot can include the measurements of two different sides of the plot, so if you want to know the overall size of the land, you just need to combine them and double the number.
  • Square meter. A square meter is what you get when you calculate the square footage of the plot using the method described above. Some ads will only put the measurements of the plot sides in meters, but some of them will put the overall footage in square meters to make things easier for you.
  • Foot. A foot is the most common length measurement unit in the imperial system. One foot is 12 inches or 0.348 meters, if you are more used to the metric system.
  • Square foot. Like a square meter, a square foot is used to determine the footage of the land plot using the measurements of two different sides of the land plot. One square foot equals approximately 0.09 square meters.
  • Acre. An acre is rarely used for standard land plots, but if you are looking for a bigger land plot than it would take to build a family home, then you should know how big an acre is. An acre is 4046,86 square meters and is close in size to a standard football field.
  • Hectare. A hectare is mostly used in agriculture, since you don’t often encounter property that would require that much land for construction. However, remembering the size of a hectare is actually pretty easy: a hectare is 10,000 square meters, or a 100m x 100m plot. A hectare also contains 2.47 acres.

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