Top Ankara Designs For Skirt And Blouse

A skirt and blouse combination is one of the most popular types of Ankara outfits along with dresses. A skirt and blouse combo is a must-have for any Ankara lover and can be worn to all kinds of occasions. Check out 10 latest Ankara skirt and blouse styles to upgrade your wardrobe!

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1. Style #1

The most common type of Ankara skirt and blouse looks is when both pieces are made from the same Ankara fabric, but there is nothing stopping you from combining two or more patterns in one design. That way, you can give equal attention to two of your favourite patterns while also making it even easier to wear the pieces separately.

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2. Style #2

And here is one more example of that rule! This Ankara skirt and blouse combination is trendy, flattering, and very interesting to look at thanks to the asymmetric design. On top of that, it’s also perfect for combining the pieces with your other wardrobe items.

3. Style #3

Many Ankara skirt and blouse designs are meant for everyday wear, but this is an outfit that should be definitely reserved for special occasions. The impeccable cut and the glorious volume of this skirt and blouse combo won’t let you go unnoticed to any event.

4. Style #4

We can’t help but love Ankara skirt and blouse looks where the tailor cleverly played with patterns and the overall design. Using the same pattern, but in different colours, for this Ankara skirt and blouse outfit is truly a genius move and looks super modern.

5. Style #5

One of the most traditional occasions for an Ankara skirt and blouse outfit is a wedding where you taste in Ankara can truly shine. This classic design in a fun Ankara pattern, complete with a stylish gele and killer accessories, is a surefire way to impress everyone you meet.

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6. Style #6

However, not all Ankara skirt and blouse styles look like that and sometimes you want to go for a more casual but equally feminine and trendy design. In that case, you cannot go wrong with this outfit. The shape of the skirt and blouse is flattering for any shape and you can create endless combinations of patterns.


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7. Style #7

An off-shoulder Ankara skirt and blouse style is one of the best things to wear to a summer wedding. It is modest enough thanks to the long skirt and generally demure design, but the off-shoulder neckline adds a little spice to your look and makes it much more comfortable to go through a long hot day.


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8. Style #8

At first glance, this Ankara skirt and blouse design looks pretty much like the most standard version of this outfit. However, a closer look reveals the intricate neckline construction, which instantly makes the whole outfit much more interesting and eye-catching.


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9. Style #9

It may seem like there are not so many ways to upgrade an Ankara skirt and blouse outfit, but you should always consider a cape as an easy way to draw the attention to your Ankara look. The matching gele and the contrasting but still complementary colour of the cape make this outfit simply perfect.

10. Style #10

Here is a perfect example of how the same Ankara blouse can be worn with different bottoms and have a different effect every time. We are in love with this Ankara pattern on its own, but the 3D decoration of the bodice looks simply stunning to us.

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