Bridal Makeup Inspirations You Will Love

When getting ready for a wedding, a typical Nigerian bride has dozens of things to take care of, from choosing the wedding dress of her dreams to picking the best wedding cake baker. Bridal makeup is an essential aspect of a great wedding look, as it will stay in your wedding photographs forever. Here are 10 bridal makeup looks for your inspiration.

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1. Look #1

Gold is the perfect colour to use in your makeup look for the big day. That way, everyone will instantly notice your best features and what’s also important is that gold looks fantastic in wedding photos. Going for a golden-tinted lip gloss will maximize the effect!

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2. Look #2

There is an old rule that you cannot accentuate both your eyes and your lips and need to choose one accent, but this rule does not work with wedding makeup. Putting the emphasis both on your eyes and lips is a bold move, but it’s the one that will definitely pay off.

3. Look #3

On the other hand, there is nothing stopping you from putting the accent on just one part of your beautiful face and keeping the rest neutral. In this case, the red matte lip is the centre of the whole look while the eye makeup is mainly done with the help of the fabulous false lashes.

4. Look #4

If you are the kind of girl who does not like striking makeup and prefers to keep things neutral, there are lots of ways for you to highlight your natural beauty without going overboard. A neutral lipstick with equally neutral eyeshadow, accentuated only by a black eyeliner, is the perfect no-fuss bridal makeup look.

5. Look #5

Your own wedding is the perfect opportunity for you to wear glitter even if you don’t do it often in everyday life. Just imagine how fun it will look under the sun or under electric light when you love on to the reception! Plus, glitter eyeshadow will truly make your eyes stand out.

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6. Look #6

No matter what kind of eye or lip makeup you go for in the end, the number one aspect of a great bridal look is flawless skin. Needless to say, it needs to be properly moisturized and regularly taken care of prior to the wedding, but a good long-lasting foundation with a masterful use of highlighter and blush will also do the trick.


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7. Look #7

Contouring has become one of the leading makeup trends of the past few years, and for a good reason. It allows you to make your facial structure look more refined than ever before. That is why it’s not surprising that so many bridal makeup looks now feature some contouring.

8. Look #8

We don’t often see a pop of colour in the eye makeup of Nigerian brides, this is why this striking look is such a breath of fresh air. Pink and dark purple look amazing when used together, fit any eye colour and complexion, and can be paired with any bridal outfit.

9. Look #9

One of the most important choices a bride needs to make before picking her makeup look is the choice between a matte lip and a glossy lip. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, so ultimately, the choice depends on your own preferences and how comfortable you feel in each one of them.


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10. Look #10

Ombre lip makeup has been a huge trend for several years and it’s not going anywhere. Ombre lips are eye-catching and perfect for something as important as bridal makeup. Moreover, they add some volume to your lips and rarely need any touch-ups because of the use of matte lipstick.

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