Best Businesses To Do After Retirement In Nigeria

Retirement brings a welcome change of pace to people who have worked for decades, but sometimes you are not ready to give everything up just because you reached a certain age. There are plenty of things you can do as a retiree, and here are 8 business to do after retirement in Nigeria.

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1. Daycare

If you are a woman who has recently retired and who has lots of experience with children and grandchildren, you can build your business by helping Nigerian families. A daycare, where you watch other people’s children while the parents are at work, is a business as satisfying as it is lucrative.

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2. Home cooking

Cooking is a relaxing and pleasant activity, but many people simply don’t have the time to cook for their families even once a day. This is where your cooking talent and experience can come in handy. You can specialize in a certain food group, such as appetizers or desserts, or be a well-rounded chef who can cook anything and for any occasion.

3. Recruitment

If you have spent your adult life building your career, learning the ins and outs of your industry, and networking, you can make a pretty good business out of it. By becoming a freelance recruiter, you will help companies fill in their vacancies with good candidates, as well as help young candidates land a perfect job for their skills.

4. Rentals

Renting property is a business idea that doesn’t require any special skills or knowledge – all you need is the property you want to lease. You can do long-term apartment or house rental, rent out short-term accommodations like a hostel, or even lease a spare room in your home to guests.

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5. Tailoring

You don’t need to be a professional seamstress to enjoy creating and repairing clothes, but it can become a genuine life passion and something you do for a living after retirement. You will need some sewing equipment and a bit of advertising, although your hand-crafted designs worn by your customers will be the best advertisements there can be.

6. Senior services

In case you are a relatively young retiree with good health and plenty of free time, you can start a business by helping seniors in your area. You can become an in-house nurse for an elderly client, or help several senior clients do tasks like grocery shopping, cooking, and cleaning, when they are too fragile to do it on their own.

7. Online sales

If you are an active internet user who is no stranger to online marketplaces like Jiji, you can build a great business without leaving your home. Throughout your life, you have probably accumulated lots of stuff you no longer need, but when put on sale online, this stuff can be very attractive to buyers and a good source of extra income for you.

8. Farming

If there is one type of businesses suited perfectly for retirees, it’s probably farming. Retired people have plenty of time on their hands, love working with land and plants, and have a genuine desire to help others. You can start with something as small as a small vegetable farm in your own garden and then grow your farming enterprise as you get more resources.

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