How To Stop Smelly Feet

Foot odour is considered to be a slightly embarrassing problem, but the truth is that more people deal with smelly feet than you can imagine. There can be dozens of reasons for foot odour, but there are also plenty of ways to stop them. Here is how!

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1. Shoes and socks

Needless to say, your shoes and socks need to be absolutely clean and dry when you are wearing them to prevent smelly feet. Moreover, it can be a good idea to alternate your shoes, meaning you should wear one pair of footwear only every other day and wear another pair on alternate days. This will allow your shoes to fully dry and not develop as much odour.

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Ideally, both your shows and your socks need to be made from natural materials, while synthetics and plastics will inevitably contribute to your foot odour problem. It goes without saying that you need to change your socks once a day, but if your feet are particularly smelly, you may have a spare pair of clean socks with you at all times and change them in the middle of the day.

2. Hygiene

Hygiene is extremely important when you are working on the smelly feet issue. We have no doubts that you are taking good care of your feet, but just in case you want to brush up on your foot hygiene knowledge, here are some helpful tips:

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  • Don’t just rely on shower to keep your feet clean. Wash your feet with your hands and some soap, and use a brush to give your feet a more thorough cleaning once every few days.
  • Make sure to dry your feet completely before bed or before putting on your socks and shoes. Moisture in your feet leads to growing bacteria and developing an odour. You can also rub your feet with a small quantity of rubbing alcohol to fully dry them.
  • Use a foot file to remove dead skin cells and rough skin from your feet. Bacteria develop in those areas faster than in other parts of your body and will easily lead to a bad smell.
  • Antifungal and antibacterial soaps, sprays, and creams can be an effective solution against smelly feet even if you don’t visibly suffer from any fungus or bacterial problems.
  • Remember to always keep your toenails trimmed and clean the dirt from underneath them when necessary. The areas under your nails can contribute to smelly feet when they are not clean enough.

3. Additional tips

Proper hygiene is the number one condition on your way to minimizing the odour, but it’s not the only way to keep your feet smelling nice. Here are a few other things you can do to improve the smell of your feet:

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  • There are special foot deodorants that you can spray onto your feet to give them a fresh feel. If you don’t have a foot deodorant at hand but want to quickly refresh the smell, you can use your regular spray deodorant. In case you need to prevent your feet from sweating during an important event, you can apply some antiperspirant.
  • Using a foot scrub or a pumice stone once or twice a week will help you get rid of dry skin on your feet, making them less prone to develop smelly bacteria and making your feet look good as a bonus.
  • Soaking your feet may be an effective solution against foot odour. You can soak your feet in water with a splash of vinegar, tea tree oil, your favourite essential oil, salt, or even mouthwash.

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