Creative Family Photoshoot Ideas

Even people who are not big fans of photoshoots often change their minds when they get their own family. A family photoshoot is a fun way to spend time with your family, strengthen your bond, and preserve the happiest memories. Here are 10 creative family photoshoot ideas for your next shoot!

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1. Casual chic

Matching outfits for the whole family are one of the most popular ways to style a family photoshoot, but you don’t always need fancy clothes to make your photos special. Matching tracksuits for every member of the family make you look unified and are a breeze to wear.

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2. Balloons

Balloons can upgrade nearly every family photoshoot, and when the occasion is truly special – for example, when you want to announce that your family is about to become bigger – balloons can be the perfect way to tell your story in a subtle but clear way.

3. Matching white

One of the easiest ways to style your family for a photoshoot is to get matching white T-shirts. You probably already have them in your wardrobe, and even if not, getting these T-shirts for every member of the family won’t break your bank.

4. Tropical vibes

Outdoor photoshoots are, unsurprisingly, one of the most popular options for a family shoot, and when you find the right location, you can make your photos even more striking by going for a relaxed style and some themed accessories.

5. Always on the move

If your family is known for its high energy and there isn’t a moment where you idly sit around, your family photoshoot should definitely reflect that. A skilled photographer will beautifully capture your family when you’re doing what you love the most.

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6. Fancy outfits

When your family loves to dress up on a daily basis, or if you’ve chosen matching trendy outfits for a special occasion, you can have a lovely family photoshoot based on your family style. Your outfits will reflect your bond while still showcasing each one’s fashion sense.

7. Proud mom

One of the most popular occasions for a family photoshoot is when you’re a new mom. If you have an older kid, your photos can become even more special. Your photographer may suggest the styling for your pics, but you can also draw inspiration from this lovely shoot.


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8. Sports fans

When you’re a family of sports fans, there is no reason why you shouldn’t include your love for sports in your next family photoshoots. One of the easiest ways to do it is to wear matching football jerseys with your favourite team, but you probably have other ideas as well.

9. Outdoor beauty

Normally, a lot of styling efforts go into a family photoshoot, and it’s completely justified since you want your photos to look simply amazing. However, with the right background, you may not need any fancy outfits and can just be yourselves in a beautiful setting.


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10. Multiple generations

The most common family photoshoot style involves the parents with their children, but it’s not limited to that. If you want to capture your family’s longevity and bond, you can have a photoshoot with three or even four generations in the same photo.

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