Bridal Train Photoshoot Ideas

Your bridal train on your wedding day will consist of the closest people in your life, so while the focus will be on you and your lucky groom, you will also want to capture the special moment with your girlfriends. Here are some cute and memorable ideas for a bridal train photoshoot.

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1. The more, the merrier

If you are close not only with your bridal train, but also with your groom’s friends, there are several ways to incorporate all your closest wedding party members in one photo and still make the bride and the groom the centre of attention.

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2. Perfect symmetry

Here is another way to incorporate both your bridal train and your groom’s friends into your wedding photos. The contrasting outfits and the symmetry will make your photos unique and memorable.

3. Pop of colour

Bridal train dresses are often understated not to outshine the bride, but if you don’t mind your girlfriends standing out, you can go for the wildest colours for your bridal train photoshoot. For example, this hot pink is a great idea.


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4. Bridal shower

If you are having a bridal shower before the wedding and want to capture its special vibe, you can go for the popular trend of the bride and her friends in robes, getting ready for the big day. By using different colours, you can easily make it clear who’s the bride.

5. Giving out the bride

In a way, the bridal train give out the bride into married life, so it makes perfect sense to stage your bridal train photoshoot around this theme. These photos may not be as fun as other ideas, but they clearly reflect the significance of the moment.


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6. Glamour shoot

You and your bridal train are probably young and beautiful women with an exquisite fashion sense, so why not show it off in your photoshoot? This photo idea may be far from the traditional bridal train pics we are used to, but that makes it even more special.


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7. Black and white

White is one of the most traditional wedding colours, but black feels like a breath of fresh air. You can successfully combine both in your bridal train photoshoot to make yourself stand out while shining the light on your friends.


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8. Jumping with joy

As a bride, you will probably feel ecstatic on your wedding day, but so will your closest friends who will be happy to give their friend out to get married. Capture the happiness you’ll feel on that day with a synchronized jump performed by your bridal train.

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