Latest Nollywood Movies On Netflix

Nollywood is one of the most productive movie industries in the world with hundreds of new titles being released every year. A few years ago, Nollywood fans got the opportunity to watch beloved classics and brand new releases on Netflix, and here are 10 latest Nollywood movies you can catch on Netflix!

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1. Citation

Starring Temi Otedola and Jimmy Jean-Louis, Citation tells the story of a young university student, played by Otedola, who tries to bring her professor to justice over an attempted rape. What’s particularly interesting about this story is that it is largely based on real-life events!

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2. Òlòturé

Òlòturé stars Sharon Ooja as Òlòturé, a young and inexperienced journalist who decides to investigate the Nigerian human trafficking problem. Her investigation delivers brutal results and is eye-opening both to the journalist herself and the viewers.

3. Your Excellency

The 2019 Nollywood title Your Excellency became the fourth highest-grossing film in Nigeria last year and the tour de force of Funke Akindele, who wrote, directed, and starred in the movie. Your Excellency follows the story of a businessman who is obsessed with making it big in politics and is helped by an unexpected party.

4. Elevator Baby

Elevator Baby, released in 2019, is a movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. Starring Timini Egbuson as a wealthy and somewhat rude young man and Toyin Abraham as an underprivileged pregnant woman, Elevator Baby covers a range of social issues in addition to its main story.

5. Living In Bondage: Breaking Free

The 2019 Nollywood hit Living In Bondage: Breaking Free is the sequel to the iconic 1992 film Living In Bondage. It stars Ramsey Nouah and Kenneth Okonkwo among other popular Nollywood names and is the supernatural thriller film that feels super fresh and unexpected for the Nigerian movie industry.

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6. Merry Men 2: Another Mission

After the success of the original Merry Men film, the one that brought fame to the concept of Yoruba demons, a sequel was absolutely inevitable. Merry Men 2 follows the classic criminal comedy narrative and delivers compelling performances from Ramsey Nouah, Falz, and dozens of other Nollywood stars.

7. The Bling Lagosians

Despite the somewhat fun name, The Bling Lagosians is actually a drama film depicting a wealthy Lagos-based family who is going not only through business problems, but also through numerous family conflicts. The Bling Lagosians stars a range of Nollywood stars, including Sharon Ooja and Toyin Abraham.

8. Kasanova

Despite the title, Kasanova is not a story of a womanizer and serial dater. Kasanova is actually about a single dad who, through his son, falls in love with a woman who turns out to be the son’s music teacher. This charming romantic comedy is able to make even the biggest cynic believe in love again.

9. The Millions

The 2019 comedy thriller The Millions became one of the most-discussed movie releases of the year not only for its fun premise and an all-star cast, but also thanks to the impressive ₦62 million budget. This money heist story stars Ramsey Nouah and Toyin Abraham in main roles.

10. Mokalik

Mokalik, or Mechanic, as it’s better known among the English-speaking audience, is a rare combination of comedy and drama in one masterfully produced film. Starring Toni Afolayan, Mokalik follows the journey of an 11-year old boy who needs to make some important decisions about his future.

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