10 Smartphone Programs for Planning Your Time

We collected 10 best calendars and tools for planning your time. Below you will find some services and applications for different platforms which will take the responsibility in planning your time.


Calendars along with task managers and mail transfer agents are the most popular app categories for your device. Among the huge number of such programmes there are some really good apps deserving our attention that have all the necessary functions, as well as some additional extraordinary ones.

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Fantastical 2

Fantastical 2 is the most popular calendar for Mac and iOS. Its interface is pretty simple, however, there are all the necessary functions included. You may choose between two themes: the light one and the dark one. Applications synchronize with each other and work not only with events in your calendar, but also with remindings.

The only stumbling-block is their price. A version for Mac costs nearly $50, while a version for iOS costs about $10.

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[appbox appstore 830708155 simple]


Although the Shifts application does not have versions for Mac or Windows, it possesses a great functionality. This calendar is for people working in shifts. You may add a couple of shifts a day and plan your timetable for the next particular period. Your app will remind you about the incoming shift in advance.

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[appbox appstore 954023130 simple]


Pick is a sufficient application for busy people who often make appointments. It has two main functions. The first one allows making a schedule and sharing it with your colleagues to know about your free time. The second one helps make an appointment very quickly, choosing a place, time, a person and send him or her a notification of your appointment.

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[appbox appstore 361632966 simple]


Sunrise is a very beautiful application. This calendar is for Android, iOS and Mac platforms. In spite of its great abilities, the application is free for any platform. Recently the Microsoft company has bought out the creator of the Sunrise app. We do not know how this purchase will influence the application. All we know is that Microsoft wants to introduce the Sunrise functionality in their system.

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[appbox googleplay am.sunrise.android.calendar&hl simple]

[appbox appstore 599114150 simple]

[appbox appstore 886106985 simple]


Timeful unites a calendar, a task manager and an application for tracking your habits. All these things are used to indicate how you solve your tasks and follow your habits. Based on these patterns, Timeful learns and helps to save your time, choosing the most convenient schedule.

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[appbox appstore 842906460 simple]

Business Calendar

Business Calendar is not the most advanced calendar for Android, but it is exactly one of the most balanced ones. The application works well and has a nice interface. Here you may create shortcuts for the most used calendars, switch between a graphic and text displays and search wanted events. The application is free; however, some functions are available only to Pro-version users.

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[appbox googleplay netgenius.bizcal simple]


Forbes, TechCrunch and other popular publishings have pronounced Hours the best working time tracking application for iPhone. Hours has the convenient widget for notifications, as well as a new version for Apple Watch is being prepared. The only problem is its price. It costs about $10.

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[appbox appstore 895933956 simple]



This is a service for directors and managers. Float allows managing your staff’s working schedule. Its creators tried to make it easy in use and convenient. For a small working team of 10 people it will cost $30 a month, for 30 people – $55 a month.




This is a convenient service. It will help people for whom it is important to know the time in different time zones. For this reason, many applications are available, as well, for instance, Miranda. However, for quick check out the Homeslice application will serve better.  It, moreover, saves a sampling with the necessary towns/cities even if you leave a website.



This application is pretty expensive, but truly convenient for those who often communicate via emails.  Clara is your personal assistant that automatically pulls all the events out of your correspondence and adds them to your calendar.

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