Top 10 Places to Spend a Honeymoon in Nigeria

Looking for a beautiful and romantic place to spend a honeymoon in Nigeria? has compiled a list of some of the best honeymoon destinations the country has to offer.

They are sure to make your once-in-a-lifetime vacation the one to remember for years to come.

Top 10 Places to Spend a Honeymoon in NigeriaLe Meridien Ibom Golf Resort

This beautiful resort is located in Akwa Ibom State. Newlyweds who enjoy playing golf will definitely love this romantic destination immersed in the flourishing vegetation of a palm forest.

The chefs at Meridien Ibom serve some of the most delicious dishes in the country so your honeymoon meals will definitely be the ones to remember.

Prices: starting at $265.00/night

Best Places for Honeymoon in NigeriaLa Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort


Located in the middle of a green tropical forest nearby freshwater lagoon along the golden beach of the Atlantic Ocean, this resort is one of the most exotic spots for spending a honeymoon in Lagos. The hotel offers a variety of activities, including water sports, canoeing and boat cruises, to keep you entertained. But if you don’t feel like doing anything and would like to just relax, sunbathe and slowly drift into blissful sleep listening to birds singing – it’s a good place to go.

Prices: available upon request

Top 10 Places to Spend a Honeymoon in NigeriaKamp Ikare


Located in Lagos, Kamp Ikare is one of the most affordable and yet majestic places for a honeymoon retreat. It’s not easy to reach it and some travelers have struggled to do so.

As a matter of fact, your journey to Kamp Ikare will begin on a boat that will take you to the resort near the picturesque Ikare village.

The memories of the beautiful landscapes, impeccable service, and jaw-dropping views of the shoreline are sure to last for long.

Prices: available upon request

Top 10 Places to Spend a Honeymoon in NigeriaObudu Mountain Resort


If you prefer picturesque mountain terrains to hot sandy beaches and are looking for a calm hideout away from civilization for your honeymoon – look no further.

Newlyweds can enjoy a number of outdoor activities at Obudu Mountain Resort, such as golfing, bird watching, horseback riding and hiking. In terms of accommodation this resort offers traditional African-style huts and in terms of food – some of the most delicious meals in the state.

Prices: starting at $302.00/night

Top 10 Places to Spend a Honeymoon in Nigeria Le Meridien Ogeyi Place


Located in Port Harcourt, this beautiful serene retreat is perfect for honeymooners wanting to spend the best time of their lives in a quiet and picturesque place. Le Meridien Ogeyi Place is a blend of luxury and beauty, featuring a spa, outdoor swimming pool, and tastefully furnished rooms. One of the hallmarks of this hotel is the hospitality of staff which contributes greatly to its luxury.


Prices: starting at $300.00/night

Top 10 Places to Spend a Honeymoon in NigeriaZenababs Half Moon Resort 


Located in Ijesha, Osun State, this exotic resort nestled in the tranquil forests is a luxurious retreat for spending a honeymoon. Covering around 25 acres of lush grounds, Zenababs is also a nice place for hosting the wedding ceremony, as it features 2 large halls for over 1000 guests.

Tenants will stay in luxurious fully equipped 2-room villas overlooking the majestic natural landscapes surrounding the resort.

Prices: starting at ?11,000/night

Top 10 Places to Spend a Honeymoon in NigeriaLa Manga Luxury Villas


La Manga Beach Resort is nothing short of the Garden of Eden. Ever wanted to organize a romantic picnic for your spouse under the beautiful palm trees? Well, it’s just one of the options of how you can spend your time here.

This resort offers both luxury and romance and the hospitable stuff will definitely make your stay the one to remember. It also offers a chance to organize a beachfront wedding ceremony.

Prices: starting at ?175,000/night

Top 10 Places to Spend a Honeymoon in NigeriaEpe Resort & Spa


Epe Resort hosts 40 rooms nestled around the lush green tropical forest overlooking the Lekki Lagoon. The rooms here are a stylish blend of traditional design and contemporary art. Providing a variety of spa treatments and activities, Epe Resort is a great romantic destination for honeymooners.


Prices: starting at ?35,500/night

Top 10 Places to Spend a Honeymoon in NigeriaOguta Lake Holiday Complex


This beautiful resort located in Imo State was established over 40 years ago to serve as an exclusive retreat for colonial rulers.

Situated 45 minutes away from from Imo State capital, Owerri, and 27 km off the busy highway, it offers beautiful scenery of the spectacular Oguta Lake and Urashi River confluence.

The lake is safe to swim in and resort’s pricing policy is moderate.

Prices: available upon request

Top 10 Places to Spend a Honeymoon in NigeriaIkogosi Warm Spring Resort


Located in the small quite town of Ikogosi in Ekiti State, this resort is a luxurious retreat for those wanting to get away from the buzz of big city life and drown in the beauty of the surrounding lush forests.

This is the place where you can truly feel the power of Mother Nature. Spend your free time hiking around the resort, exploring natural rock formations, cold and warm springs – and you’re sure to have the honeymoon you’ll remember for years.

Prices: available upon request

Prepare for the Ceremony

While you’re choosing the best resort for spending a honeymoon, don’t forget to check out some other things you’ll need for a memorable wedding. Browse for the best wedding venues and services, don’t forget to hire a professional photographer for your ceremony, and be sure to check out other hotels that didn’t make it to this list.