15 Financial Aims To Reach By Age 30

When you reach 30, you are already an adult person who should have an idea how money work, how to earn and spend them in a right way. In order to help you with this issue we have chosen 15 financial aims to reach by the time you are 30.


Many things in our life turn around money. It is good or bad is your personal opinion, nobody will impose you his or her personal point of view. However, we are definitely sure in one thing: money is the most important part of our life, and the ability and knowledge how to earn them will never be the odd one.


In order to earn money you should know some financial basis. Taxes, bank transactions, passive income – these financial terms should not be foreign to you. Of course, it is really great if you have a constant and beloved job which brings good income. However, do not forget: everything can change rapidly, so remember about having a reserve variant.

1. Become financially independent of your parents

Your parents might always regard you as a child, but you should remind them, as well as yourself, that you grew up and are able to support yourself financially.

2. Do not get into debts

Live according to your financial possibilities and in case you cannot allow buying something, do not rush to borrow money for it. Debts destroy not only your financial stability, but also relationship with others.


3. Get rid of unredeemed bank loans

Again our desire to buy more things leads us to a financial pit. Bank loan debts can not only tell negatively upon your credit reputation, but also upon your financial well-being.

4. Check your credit reputation

Don’t let your youthful indiscretions cross out your future plans. Several dropped payments in young age or a credit limit exceeding will tell negatively upon your credit reputation.

5. Save up for a pension

If you think that senility can come to others but will go pass you, there is bad news for you, since it will come to you as well. You are unlikely to think of such the far future but save up for a pension and your senility will not catch you on the hop.


6. Be secured

Insurance is already a wide-spread thing in different countries. It will be good if you insure your health, real estate and especially precious objects.

7. Track your spendings

The only one way to control your money is by tracking them. The following specialized applications will help you:

Dollarbird for iOS: [appbox appstore 665003358 screenshots]

MoneyWise for Android: [appbox googleplay com.handynorth.moneywise screenshots]

8. Spend money only on things you really need

You are likely not to live in a dormitory or with your parents.  Most probably you own a flat, so spending money on its arrangement is perfectly logical. Curtains and furniture purchase or even a gym subscription are the examples of correct purchases.


9. Pay bills in time

You can moan about high utilities costs all the time but you have to pay them every month.

10. Spend your money on a big but useful thing

By reaching 30 years old you need to provide at least one great financial triumph. It can be a car or a journey, but you are really obliged to save up a big sum of money and spend them in such a great way. Your after-the-journey delight will last for very long!


11. Think about your career

Your job is the main income source. In case you like it, don’t forget about your professional skills improving. Visit seminars, lections, take some knowledge and experience from successful colleagues.

12. Passive income

Let it be not very great, but some passive income should definitely be. In case you have not thought about it up to this moment, it is time for it now. Get to know more about investments, shares and diversified portfolio.


13. SCA, or a super cool aim

You need to have such the aim. For example, to have a six-digit salary or to own a bank account with a couple of million dollars – you can have any aim you want. After setting your greatest aim, try to achieve it with the help of smaller goals. As soon as you achieve this aim (you are definitely to achieve it!), set the other one.

14. Charity

Spend some money on charity. $10-15 a month will not strike your financial condition, but charity will bring you the satisfying feeling and the great use to others.


15. Money is just an exchange means, so don’t be possessed by them

Being financially stable is pretty good, but don’t devote all your life only to it. Get acquainted with finances, develop your knowledge concerning the financial topics, but do not put money on the first place in your life. It is banal, but money will not make you happy.