My First Car. What to Choose – New Or Used One?

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You dream comes true – you are about to buy your first car. But what car to buy: new or used? This issue – one of the most important in buying a car. On one hand, everybody wants a new car, which wasn’t ridden by anybody and it isn’t spoiled. And on the other hand – for the same money you can certainly buy much more elegant, luxury second-hand cars. proposes for you pros and cons of buying new and used car. And you make decision for yourself. Don’t forget monitor cars on – it’s cheap, easy and comfortably!

New car: pros and cons

New cars haven’t any shortcomings, except one. The new machine is quite expensive. But, of course, new car is reliable and is attracted by the opportunity to predict the future costs on it.


Advantages of the new car:

  • Reliability. A new car is a new car and it breaks down much less than the old. If you require primarily high reliability from the car, It’s better to take a new car, in time to serve it and carefully use it. The new car and it’s all components are new, quality and original.
  • Guarantee. It’s the main difference between new and used car. You can get a free repair, replacement or even a refund in a case of failure. The one disadvantage of the guarantee is that it’s necessary to pass in authorized service center. car_warranty[1]If you love to save, you may pass only the first one or two guarantee maintenance, and then refuse and choose cheaper independent car service. Very often main defects reveals within a year of using, which means that it’s not necessary to pay for expensive guarantee maintenance during all period.
  • Predictable costs. This benefit is a consequence of the first two, and its meaning is that the new car, even it’s expensive to the owner, but the cost of it is really to plan.
  • Reliability of the sales transaction. This is a key argument in favor of buying a new car. Buying a brand new car in the showroom you can be sure that the car hasn’t been listed in the hijacking or hasn’t been pledged to the bank. In addition, there is no risk to buy a car, recovered after a serious accident or even cooked in halves from two different cars.
  • rearview-camera[1]The ability to choose the right equipment.
    Buying a new car you have the opportunity to choose all the basic parameters of the vehicle and all equipment. Also, you can add the desired options, for example, Bluetooth, automatic headlights or rear view camera.
  • You shouldn’t pass technical inspection. The first car’s inspection is passed only after 3 years from buying. Therefore, buying a new car for three years completely eliminates this problem.
  • SERVICES-expertise-comptable-mb-scott-360x240[1]Possibility to buy on credit. Banks with a bigger desire give credit for the new car, as to second-hand. Even if you manage to take out a loan on the old machine, the rate on it will be significantly higher than for a new machine.

Disadvantages of the new car:

  • 77dfc__costodevida1The high cost of ownership. In the first year the car loses value more than in any later. Pretty much it reduces its market price in the second and third years, and further loss of value is stabilized and remains about the same for all subsequent years. The average new car in the first year become cheaper by 10-15%, but the cars premium lose in the first year to 25% of the initial value or more.
  • High costs for planned maintenance. The point of buying a new car is partially lost if the car will be removed from the guarantee, and to preserve the guarantee you should pass maintenance in the service center. This service costs about 2-3 times more expensive, than ordinary service station.
  • The higher probability of theft and insurance – is necessary. The new car is a lure for thieves, because the new the car has a large price.
  • 630x386_4c341562-ccd1-489c-b367-4513ca4324aaYou can’t make changes to the car, if the car is under warranty. It’s not allowed to make significant changes in the car’s structure under guarantee, you can’t replace the regular items on improved. That’s why fans of tuning never buy new machines. It’s cheaper to buy a 2-3 year old car, which has already significantly reduced its price, but still retained its consumer properties.

Used car: pros and cons

The main advantage of a used car is approachability. This indicator is defined by all. Low price offers opportunities for buying a used car of premium level. However, be careful not to overdo with the age of a used car, and if you decide to purchase an old car, be sure to stock money for unforeseen repairs.


Advantages of the used car:

  • 2015-Volkswagen-GTI-ATD-interior[1]Availability of different car’s equipment. Buying a 3-5-year-old car, you save high chances to get a car in good condition, but a class above, that the new car, which is available for you. After using car for 5-7 and more equipments are more accessible and this opens the door to the world of true comfort and safety.
  • Less likelihood of theft. In the first 2-3 years of car it is almost new and practically likelihood of theft doesn’t reduce. If the car is more than five years probability to be stolen significantly lower. Conclusion: the old cars still steal, but much less than new. A simple alarm + lock PPC will significantly reduce the probability of theft is not a new car…
  • 5952g4s-960It doesn’t need to be run for the first time. Indeed, it is desirable to break in a new car for for 2-3 thousand kilometers, you shouldn’t load engine for its maximum, limit its speed. But unfortunately, this advantage of used car is very doubtful, because we not sure in conditions of using car.

    Disadvantages of the used car: 

  • 348s[1]Risk. Used cars can be a great option, but only if you are well versed in cars. If you don’t have the experience of buying, tinning and repair of used cars, friend skilled in this art, ready to hope for your luck. Think, perhaps it would be better for you to refrain from buying a used car and go to the auto show for a new car.
  • Low reliability. If the car at the age of 3-5 years is still characterized by high resource, to 7-10 years car begin to breakdown more and more often, and it always occurs in unexpected, wrong time.
  • Many  bundle of US 100 dollars bank notesThe cost of repairs. The older the car, the greater number of parts to renew, and sooner or later, even the coolest car comes to a state, where breakdowns follow one after another. At the same time, the higher the initial price of the car causes more expensive all repairs. In any case, buying a car over the age of 7 years, it’s a high probability of trouble-free operation.
  • Expensive insurance. Most insurance companies don’t even have tariffs for work with cars older than 10 years, and even in the presence, they are higher than for a new car.
  • Increased fuel and oil As a general rule: the venerable age of vehicles consume fuel at 5-10 percent more than the norm, which is natural for a worn engine. As is the norm, and increased waste oil – up to 1 liter per thousand kilometers.

So what to choose: new or used?

The new car is highly reliable. But! In the first three years until the car is new, it is the most losing value, which means it costs more to its owner. New cars lose a lot in price, but all costs are well predictable.

The new car makes sense to buy if:

  • You can afford a new car
  • Reliability of car and predictable costs are most important factors for you
  • The model of car is fully tunable you
  • You want to own a car for more than 3 years


One of these statements is true? So the option of buying a new car is right for you.

Used car you should buy if:

  • Prestige, for you, is more important than reliability
  • You need a car of a higher class, but new car is unavailable to you
  • You know how to check used cars before buying
  • You are confident in seller
  • You don’t need a guarantee


Novice drivers often ask:

“What was the first car to buy? Should I buy a new car or just work out in driving on the old?”

Of course, for training purposes more suitable are used cars, it’s not so sorry in the event of an accident, and it will be useful to gain experience of the car service.


And if you want to drive a car without delving into his device, it is better to buy a new car.

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