How To Clean Your Flat Faster?

Save your time – use!


Cleaning the house shouldn’t take too much time. There are a lot more pleasant and interesting things. However, cleaning your house is necessary, the dust in the corners and the mountains of dishes in the sink it’s hard to “creative chaos”. If you want to make your regular cleaning of apartments faster, take into service this following tips.


Do cleaning by the rules

The main rule for cleaning up: move up and down. You may carefully gather the crumbs on the table, but they still fall to the floor. Even wet cleaning of different surfaces should be done before you start to wash the floor.

Another important aspect is developing the most efficient route. Try to follow it every time to pass and don’t come back again to the missing sections.


Define the intervals

Many people make cleaning the entire apartment at once in the same day of the week. But this is not the most effective way. In fact, different areas contaminate with different speeds. Try to create a calendar for harvesting zones at intervals of different lengths for each. Use the application for reminders, such as DGT GTD or others.

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Adjust the intervals depending on the time of year and in special cases (for example, if your relativescome come to visit you).

Use the correct tissue

Don’t use a rag to wipe the dust cloth or gauze. It’s better to take a special microfibre. It doen’t leave behind a fiber without slipping and fading, absorbs much more water at the same time absorbs less liquid into the fiber (this means a more rapid washing) and dries quickly. It can (and should) be washed. But don’t dry these rags on the hot surface.

hand in a green glove

Wash dishes immediately

Develop a habit to wash the dishes immediately after eating, without waiting for the sink will be filled to the top.
The advice is simple, but many of people neglect it, although just a sink, overflowing with dried dirty dishes, terrifies you. Immediately after the meal, washing a few dishes and cups will take just a few minutes.


If you are accustomed to a long dinner with several courses, accompanied by a leisurely conversation, then gives extra life hacking for you: before dinner type warm water in the sink with a small amount of detergent and put the used dishes right there, so it doesn’t have time to dry.

Clean the stove in the last turn

The kitchen is the most dirty surface, usually a stove. Before you will start cleaning the kitchen, put cleaner on the stove and leave it for a few minutes. At this time, start to clean the surface, which is right to the stove, and move clockwise around the kitchen.You can move in the opposite direction – is not a strict rule. 🙂 The most important thing – avoid unnecessary trips to the sink for rinsing rag.


When you reach to the stove, removing even stubborn dirt will not require much effort. Especially if you don’t neglect the special means for cleaning plates: they are more aggressive than usual detergent and better removes dirt. At the same time, due to the absence of abrasive particles, cleaning agent does not damage the surface of the plates, in contrast to detergents, which include soda. Be sure to wear rubber gloves to protect your skin from the effects of concentrated components.

Maintain cleanliness of plumbing

Metal surfaces in the bathroom are contaminated very quickly, they covered with drops and splashes. It can pretty depressing when you begin to scour plaque and rust. So try to prevent the contamination of plumbing between cleaning. When you taking a bath or wash your children or pets, wipe taps immediately. Remove splashes of toothpaste while they’re still easy to wash off with water. Rinse the bath or shower with hot water after showered.


Don’t forget about curtain for the bathroom

Polyester curtain for the bathroom needs to wash too. Maybe, you don’t do this. Just wash it with any other things which you are using the program with not too hot water. One or two times a month it would be sufficient. And don’t forget to straighten it every time after took a shower to dry and avoid the appearance of plaque and odor.


Get rid of extra bottles in the bathroom

Look critically at your shelves in the bathroom. Do you really need so much bottles? Shower gels, bubble baths, scrubs, shampoos, balms, conditioners, masks, lotions, tonics … While you are cleaning the bathroom you have to rinse each of them and to wipe the surface underneath. Leave only those, which you really use regularly. Buy the funds that combine several functions, such as shower gel or scrub + mask + Balm conditioner. Those funds, which you use at least once a week, it’s better to put into cupboard in the bathroom, which gets less dust.


Place your things in order

Excess items require additional attention: they are covered with dust, and every time you need to pay them attention when you are cleaning. Therefore, if you have a lot od lovely things on the shelves, you should definitely reconsider what is are really expensive and helpful for you.

Keeping things in order – this is not a one-time event. That “elephant” needs to be eaten bit by bit.

Plan a schedule of cleaning closets, every week clearing some blocks. On the shelves must be only the most necessary things, and the rest – without further regrets send in the trash. Don’t get attached to things and continue to try not to clutter up your home trinkets.

Simplify your selection

Many women (and even men) are full of things that are not worn for months. Excessive diversity only leads to loss of time when you will decide what to wear every morning. Make it easier to make a choice, and at the same time cleaning, reorganize your wardrobe.


Try the following plan of action:

  • Remove the deposit of clothes out of season
  • Choose the clothes that you wear regularly, and place it so that it doesn’t knead and immediately was ready in the desired configuration
  • Select a few things that have long been waiting in the wardrobe, and find a reason to put them in the coming fortnight
  • Remove the rest in a box and put the date on it. A month later, go back and get rid of those things that you have not required.

Don’t be afraid of floor cleaning

Floor is probably the biggest object in your home. It is depressed only with it’s size. But actually mopping the floor is the easiest part. The main thing – to provide yourself with a good inventory (see below).


Additional life hacking from to make your floor being cleaner longer, try to clean more often areas of maximum contamination (zone at the front door, next to the sink and stove in the kitchen, in the cat tray). For example, once again wipe the floor by the front door. It will take a couple of minutes, but the floor in other areas of the apartment you have to wash less often.

Buy a good vacuum cleaner

If you have carpet, consider about buying a more powerful vacuum cleaner, to avoid wasting of time and energy on useless movement.

Remember, the more powerful vacuum cleaner saves your energy, not power consumption.

Clean the dust more often because as it filled the suction power decreases. And it’s better to use a vacuum cleaner with aquafiltering. Even if you don’t have allergies, it’s not necessary to provoke its appearance with regular inhalation of dust.

Don’t skimp on mop

Be sure to buy a good mop. Cheap squeegee frequently is made from materials which are poorly collect dirt, lint-free and also wear out after only a few applications.
Washing with cheap mop is a sheer torture! You wash in one place several times, and even have to collect dirt from the floor by your hands (phew!). So, don’t be greedy, in any case, it’s not so much money. The choice of form depends on the geometry of your room and your style.


  • Rope mop wringer is more suited to those who likes to wash quickly, deftly crept into every corner.
  • Rectangular mop of microfiber is suitable to those who prefer to wash the measured line by line.

Use high-quality detergent

Think again before you buy a normal cleanser. Try something of alternative means for eco-cleaning.You will be really surprised with the difference if you still washed with one of the popular detergent from a supermarket. You shouldn’t have to wipe a second time with a clean cloth to the floor to make it not sticky.



At the same time it will be enough to walk in one place only once, and the your floor will shine. In addition, consumption of mass-market funds for cleaning is significantly higher. It also not very good for your pets or children, which somehow eat some things that fall on the floor.

And finally

In order to housekeeping was not only fast, but also a pleasant, listen to music or audio books while you are cleaning. And it ‘s better to put on your headphones so you will not miss a piece of record because of noise. Dancing to your favorite tracks will make cleaning much more joyful for you and thrilling plot of the book even makes you look forward to the next time of cleaning.



Save your time – use!