How To Bring Down Your Risk Of Cancer

Your common sense is the best thing which secures you against a cancer. Think about the fact: nearly 40% of cases happen because of our negative habits such as smoking, overeating and lack of moving. In this article you will read what scientists say about it and how we can keep health.

“In most cases a lung cancer is a reason of smoking. A skin cancer is a reason of constant sun stay. A cervix cancer is a reason of a human papillomavirus, – says Gregory Masters, M.D., practical doctor at the Delaware Clinical Oncology. – And the genetics occupies nearly 10-15% of cases”.

As the result, the best way to prevent cancerous diseases is by keep an eye on your lifestyle. To start with, follow the pieces of advice which will help you save from this trouble.

2Forbid yourself to smoke

This truth is driving us nuts, but refusing smoking greatly decreases our risk of the cancer development. Smoking refers to 30% of deaths from different oncological diseases.

According to the American Medical Association researches, even if you smoke a half of a pack of cigarettes instead of a full pack, your risk to have a lung cancer lowers to 27%. The less you smoke, the better it is for your health.

Check your weight more often

Extra weight will tell not only on your waist. The American Institute for Cancer Research has revealed that obesity causes the development of gullet, kidney and gallbladder tumours. In fact, your adipose tissue serves not only for keeping your energy reserves, but also has a secretory function: fat generates proteins that influence the chronical inflammatory process in your organism. And oncological diseases are based on inflammations. To short it all, obesity leads to a cancer.

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Spend at least 30 minutes a week on training2

Sport is on the same level with a dietary nutrition, when we are speaking about the oncological preventive measures. For instance, in the USA 1/3 of all fatalities are connected with the fact that people did not follow diets and did not go in for sports. The American Cancer Society recommends training about 150 minutes per a week in a moderate speed.

However, the research published in the Nutrition and Cancer Journal in 2010 approves that even 30 minute of sports will be enough to shorten your risk of a breast cancer (each eighth woman in the world is subjected to this disease) to 35%.

Less alcohol

Alcohol is blamed for a mouth cavity, a larynx, a liver, a rectum and a breast tumour. The ethyl alcohol breaks apart to the acetaldehyde which then under the influence of ferments turns into the acetic acid. The acetic aldehyde is the most powerful cancerogen.

Alcohol is especially harmful for women since it stimulates the production of oestrogens influencing the breast tissue growth.


The oestrogen excess leads to the breast tumours appearing.

Fall in love with broccoli

Vegetables not only go in a healthy diet but also help struggle with a cancer. That is why dieticians recommend: the half of your daily meals should be full of vegetables and fruits. The most useful vegetables are those referring to crucial which contain glucosinolates – matters that get anticancer properties during their processing. Here belongs a cabbage: white, Brussels sprout and broccoli.


The other vegetables which help fight against a cancer:

  • Tomatoes. They contain lycopene – an antioxidant which blocks free radicals activity.
  • Egg plants. They contain nasunin which also have antioxidant properties.

The more vegetables you eat, the less red meat you should put into your plate.


Provide yourself with anti-sun remedies

Women in their 18-36 years old are especially subjected to melanoma – the most dangerous form of skin cancer. Scientists charge the equipment for artificial tan and the sun rays. This danger can be minimized with the help of a common anti-sun substance. The 2010 investigations published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology proved that people who regularly apply special anti-sun creams suffer from melanoma less than those who don’t.

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Choose the cream labeled SPF 15 and apply it even in winter and even in case of the cloudy weather.


Stress itself does not cause a cancer, but it weakens your whole organism and creates the favourable conditions for the development of this disease. According to the latest investigations, the continual nervousness changes your immune cells activity which is responsible for turning on the mechanism called “beat and run”. As the result, a great amount of cortisol, monocytes and neutrophils which are responsible for the inflammatory processes circulate regularly in your blood.


And can you remember that these inflammatory processes can lead to the appearance of cancer cells. To your luck, all the methods which help remove a stress – from yoga to turning off your work phone after leaving your workplace – are great and help return your immune cells in a good state.

Be checked up

Researches and screenings do not help protect yourself from a cancer, though they signalize about some dangerous signs of cancerous diseases (like the polyps in your intestines or the unusual birthmarks). The American Cancer Society recommends starting examinations from 20. Women should pass the cytologic examinations (to check a cervix cancer) one time each three years, and after 40 years old – the annual mammography.


Examinations for indicating the rectum cancer are obligatory after 50 years old. The earlier you will reveal your disease, the easier it is to be cured.

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