How To Give Up Bad Habits

We all have some dependence, although we may not realize it. Try to analyze your behavior carefully and you will see that you also have it! We have a lot of habits which have been formed many years ago. You didn’t even notice when and how it happened, but now, for example, you drink coffee at 1 p. m. every day or can’t watch a movie without a pack of some snacks.

The reasons of falling into some habit may be absolutely different. The thing is that some of the things we do automatically are not good for us. This article will help you get rid of your bad habits.

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What is it?

First of all you need to know what a habit is and where it comes from. It is an act you do automatically without thinking about its process, controlling it all the way or preparing to it. For instance, there are many people who bite their lips. At the moment of acting they don’t think about what they are doing, they can even not notice that they are biting their lips, until they hurt themselves. A habit is deeply subconscious. It is easy for you, because you have done it millions of times. At the first time you know what you are doing and control the process. But later, after a dozen of repeats you don’t pay as much attention to it as you used to. The action becomes easier and then it finally is automatic.


This is what causes the difficulties of giving up the bad habit: you don’t really see what you are doing. It is like a sleepwalker who doesn’t remember what he has been doing at night.


Why does it happen?

A lot of bad habits are caused by stress. Smoking, drinking, biting lips or pencils, touching face or tousling the hair… There is a big amount of things one can do when he feels nervous and uncomfortable.

Also it is in human’s nature to try following someone, so if all of your friends are smoking, there is a big probability that you will start it as well.


The first step

What you need to do first is to find a reason of your habit. Try to remember when you started doing it. For example, you smoke, and both of your parents have been smoking for quite a long time, so you grow up with a thought that it’s normal (or even obligatory). It is subconscious, because you must know the harm smoking brings. But, despite the risk of cancer and many other illnesses, you go on smoking. The researches show that those who have bad habits know about its harmful effect even more that regular people, but it doesn’t stop them.


A wish


If you are going to give up a bad habit, you have to make a decision. It all starts from within, and the first thing on your way to a healthy free life without a harmful dependence should the thought: “I want to give it up”. Neither your parents’ word, nor the doctor’s will have an influence on you if you don’t want to get rid of it yourself. Your mind is what changes everything around you, so start the war with bad habits yourself!


Replace it

When you begin to fight your bad habit, the spare time appears. That’s when you will need to replace the old habits with the new, more useful and healthy ones!

If you eat or smoke too much when you get nervous, prepare some jelly sweets or lollipops. If you want it to be even healthier, you can eat nuts or fruit.

Think of the other ways to get busy, because it helps not to concentrate on the loss of the bad habit.


Do your best

Take active part in fighting the habit, because no-one else can do it for you. For example, if you eat a lot late at night, put the pictures of slim people on the fridge – this photos will kill your hunger.

If your flat is messy and you always forget to clean it, put a big table saying: “TIDY YOUR ROOM” somewhere you can see it. A good idea is to stick it on the computer screen, so when you get lazy and some to your computer to surf the Internet, you can notice this sheet and go clean your room.


Find a motivation

It is said that there is no weak willpower, there is only bad motivation. Look for the one that is good for you! For instance, if your parents’ or friends’ opinion means a lot to you, tell them that you WILL give up your bad habit in a certain time. You can even have a deal to make sure that you will do everything in time. This method prevents you from going back.


Or you can bet that you give up your habit, or you pay your friend a big amount of money. It is also a very good and motivating reason to give up a bad habit, if you aren’t that sure in your willpower and self-control.

You are a human, and, therefore, strong enough to reach anything you wish for. Good luck!