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Sports Future: Technologies You Would Have Never Dreamt Of

We all want to perform our sports activity with a maximum comfort! Sports brands representatives know that quite well. That`s why, in order to fulfil our dreams, they work hard, creating newest technologies that can change our beliefs about daily workouts for better.


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Babolat Play Pure Drive  electronic tennis racket

BabolatPlay 1

Tennis has always been a prestigious and expensive sport. And after the invention of electronic racket, it became a high-tech sport as well.

BabolatPlay 2BabolatPlay 3BabolatPlay 4

Racket`s characteristics:

  • sensors in handle detect the position of the racket in space;
  • sensors help evaluate how good is your twisted hit;
  • sensors determine such settings as place where strings touch the ball and the power of the hit;
  • you can analyze your stamina and technique, and track your progress.

BabolatPlay 5

BabolatPlay 6

BabolatPlay 7

All received data is transmitted via Bluetooth to a computer or a tablet. Thanks to it, you can tell with a 100% certainty about all game parameters and hits, solve the disputes and track the information that is not outwardly visible on a video.

BabolatPlay 8

How to use Babolat PLAY

Download Babolat Play app by Babolat V.S:

[appbox appstore 767419002 simple]

[appbox googleplay com.babolat.play.android&hl]

Instabeat — swimmer`s tracker

Instabeat 2

Recommended to all swimmers! Instead of the usual bracelet, it looks like a special 30-gr, waterproof mount for spectacles and has very attractive designer form.

Instabeat 1Instabeat 3Instabeat 5

All swim results shown on your tablet, so you (or your coach) are able to study them.

Additional light mounting sensors allow you to examine the intensity of your workout.

Instabeat 4

Instabeat Indiegogo Campaign

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Sensoria Fitness Smart Socks

sensoria 1

sensoria 4

sensoria 3

sensoria 2

The set includes smart socks (which, by the way, you can wash without hesitation!), a bracelet and a specially developed mobile application that will allow you to track the following parameters during jogging:

  • the speed;
  • the distance;
  • the number of steps;
  • the level of activity;
  • the lost calories;
  • how the weight is spread;
  • the way the foot is fixed.

sensoria 6

All these became possible thanks to special sensors, integrated in socks, as well as to a modern calculation algorithm.

sensoria 5

Introducing Sensoria Fitness Smart Sock Tracker

Download Sensoria Fitness app by Sensoria Inc app:

[appbox appstore 900720180?mt=8 simple]

[appbox googleplay com.sensoria.droid simple]

Adidas Climachill t-shirts for maintaining optimum body temperature and Hexoskin for biometric monitoring

We have already seen the sneakers, rackets, balls and treadmills that are smarter than their owners are, – and now there appeared the smart T-shirts!

Adodas climachill 3

Adodas climachill 2

Adidas ?reated a new series of sports T-shirts Climachill made of special fabric that contains titanium particles. Also, there are special aluminum 3D-spheres on the top layer of the fabric: thanks to these innovative elements, the t-shirt provides optimal body temperature even during very intense workouts.

Adodas climachill 5
Adodas climachill 4Adodas climachill 1

Adidas ClimaChill 2014 Apparel – Sport Chek

Another innovative solution – sports shirts with Hexoskin system – precise and reliable instrument for determining and analyzing data about your stamina, about your health and sleep. Many research organizations use Hexoskin for sports and medical purposes.

Hexoskin 1

Hexoskin 2

Through this analysis, you can improve your sports performance based on the following objective indicators:

  • respiration rate;
  • heart rate – assessed in real time;
  • heart rate variability and RR-intervals – an effective tool for assessing the level of physical exertion and fatigue;
  • pedometer, cadence and calories – comprehensive information about the level of training intensity;
  • sleep pattern – tracking the poses during the sleep, breathing, heart rate;
  • the volume of the lungs.
  • Hexoskin 4Hexoskin 6

The system works in a tandem with a special application for iOS and Android. This mobile phone app is simple and convenient to use. An intuitive interface will allow you to identify the necessary features quickly and accurately. And you don`t need to have some special skills to work with this application.

Hexoskin 3

Hexoskin 7

Also, the data is downloaded and processed on a PC (Windows or MacOS).

Hexoskin Biometric Shirt Is The Future of Fitness Tracking

Download Hexoskin app by Carré & Hexoskin:

[appbox appstore 593087144?mt=8 simple]

[appbox googleplay com.hexoskin.hexoskin&hl=uk simple]

Adidas BOOST

Adidas BOOST 6

Adidas followed Nike with their innovative solution for sports called Flyknit, and presented their own development. New Midsole technology called “BOOST” is the result of joint work of the sports brand with BASF chemical concern.

Adidas BOOST 2

Adidas BOOST 1

As a result, there appeared new bouncing material working without physical degradation in both cold and hot weather.

Adidas BOOST 3

Many think of this technology as of Nike Lunar Midsole competitor. BOOST are great shoes for those running from heels, by hard coatings and jumps a lot. Soon Adidas promise to release basketball and training sneakers with this technology. Sneakers have a funny appearance, there is no way you will avoid comparing them to foam packaging for home appliances.

Adidas BOOST 4

Adidas BOOST 5

Adidas Crazy Boost 2015 Performance Test

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