15 Celebrities Who Have Aged Horribly

It doesn’t matter if you are wealthy or not, if you are a celebrity or just an ordinary, not famous person. Your appearance and the way you will look like depends only on you and the way of life you choose to lead.

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#1 – Britney Spears


This pop singer girl has captured the hearts of almost every male on Earth back in 1999 with the appearance of her debut album. But after an abundance of mental hurdles, Britney just doesn’t look the same as she did during her Toxic days.


#2 – Neil Young


This one of rock and roll’s greatest songwriters and performers was inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame twice. And he is still performing today, but looks drastically different from his early days.


#3 – Sharon Stone


Sharon Stone has always been known for her blonde beauty. But over the past few years, Stone looks nothing like she did during her Basic Instinct days.


#4 – Kathleen Turner


Kathleen Turner was the beautiful actress that starred in films such as Romancing the Stone and The Accidental Tourist. Though nowadays you wouldn’t recognize her on the street as she looks completely different from her younger self.


#5 – Meg Ryan


She used to be America’s sweetheart back in 1980’s and 90’s. But due to too much of plastic surgery her beauty has faded extremely.


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#6 – Ozzy Osbourne


He was a major rock icon during the 1970’s as the lead vocalist of the band Black Sabbath. But unfortunately we all are humans and we have our weaknesses. His weaknesses have become alcohol and drugs that have led him to the appearance he possesses nowadays.


#7 – Macaulay Culkin


The famous McKallister boy as most of the famous child actors, has overindulged in drugs and alcohol and so it had it reflection on his appearance.


#8 – Goldie Hawn


Goldie Hawn was a gorgeous actress known for her roles in films such as Overboard and Hairspray and just a sexy woman. But now, Hawn looks extremely different from her younger self, and is lacking her former California glow.


#9 – Kirstie Alley


Kirstie Alley was one of the most successful actresses of the 80’s and 90’s, best known for her role as Rebecca How in the TV Series Cheers. But after years of struggling with her weight she has changed a lot, and not in a better way.


#10 – Vince Vaughn


This celebrity has always been known as a tall, dark and handsome man. And now he looks as though he has packed on a few pounds, making the star look older than he is.


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#11 – Tara Reid


Tara Reid became a huge sex symbol after starring in comedy, American Pie. But with the flow of time she doesn’t look that sexy as she used to.


#12 – Leonardo di Caprio


After playing Jack in the epic Titanic Leonardo has become every girl’s crash. But it seems like with his unkempt appearance Leo opts for losing his title of a “heartthrob”.


#13 – Carrie Fisher


Princess Leia from the original Star Wars trilogy won literally every single viewer’s heart with her outstanding beauty and charisma. But now Fisher looks nothing like the Princess she used to be 35 years ago.


#14 – Jack Nicholson


Jack Nicholson has been acting in Hollywood for 60 years. And it shows, Nicholson has been quoted saying, “With my sunglasses on, I’m Jack Nicholson. Without them, I’m fat and 60.”


#15 – Christina Aguilera


Christina Aguilera was everyone’s favorite singer in the 2000’s. Along with that she was just a beautiful woman. But her fluctuating weight and plastic surgery has taken a toll on the singer’s appearance.


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