Attention, Scammers!! Modern Fraud Schemes

Money for jam is an ultimate dream for lots of people. And in this pursuit their fantasy knows no limits!


As soon as you puzzle out one of the scammers` affairs, they are developing a new system of deception. Often it is so sophisticated that even common sense can`t save you!



This post is for you to prepare in advance – read about the latest world frauds!



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Compensation for damage

If you’re a decent person, you have a natural desire to compensate for the damage caused as a result of your negligence – whether it is ejected from the window object or an accident.

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Such scams have been very popular in Japan during the time of crazy expensive fruits and melons in particular. Attackers with fruit delicacies in hands purposely crashed into tourists, and dropping valuable wear, demanded compensation.

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Now during such “collisions”, scammers drop small home appliances (usually broken even before falling), boxes with «expensive vases» (that is just broken glass), expensive smartphones, tablets, laptops, branded sunglasses, watches – anything!

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Don’t be surprised if they even show you a fake cheque, testifying buying this stuff!

Fake lottery winning

Gambling guys, get ready – they may offer you to outbid “winning” for funny money from fraudulent “lottery winner”, who for some reason can`t receive the prize.

Lottery 5

At the times when mobile phones weren`t as spread, scammers even made fake newspapers with tables of winning tickets “proving wins”.

Lottery 4

Sometimes “winners” motivate it with the fact that they owe a large sum of money to the bank, so bailiffs will not fail to confiscate winnings.

Lottery 1

Lottery 2

In other cases, the problem is the lack of registration or identification document — scammer`s fantasy is boundless!

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Byebye, car

Main victims of such frauds are private sellers of cars.

Car 2

During a crisis, when prices are falling fast, people tend to get rid of property ASAP – until its price has not dropped to zero.

Car 1

Car 3

Car 5

This is used by fraudsters, who offer the seller a better price, but … the payment should be done by cheque or receipt for the third person. By the time the seller discovers that the cheque is counterfeit, and the receipt framed on a non-existent person, the buyer already manages to overtake the car abroad or resell it.

Car 4


Scammers specializing in credit cards, have developed a new technology – “shimming”, which lets them steal a bank card number, PIN code and other information via ATM.

Shim 4

Shimmers, unlike skimmers, are invisible: a thin, flexible board is inserted through the slot of a card reader to read the data of cards. “Shim`s” thickness should not exceed 0.1 mm – it is about half thinner than a human hair.
Shim 3

To steal PIN codes and customer personal information, criminals watch how people use ATM, using small cameras installed near the ATM. “In addition, criminals can intercept pins when they are sent from the keyboard to the internal computer. For these purposes, they use wiretaps at ATMs or remote recording of electromagnetic radiation of ATM electric wiring.

Shim 2

Different ways of capturing and retrieving banknotes from a remote ATM are also common. Even more sophisticated scam way are tampering with the operating system of ATMs: criminals are invading to a computer network of ATMs to steal money and obtain account information.

“A godsend”

An unknown person turns to you on the street saying that he found a wallet with a large sum of money and does not know how to deal with that. During the discussion of the situation, you are likely to choose to share a find.

Wallet 1

The fraudster calls his “lawyer” who “counsels” that you should keep the money for some time, explaining it with: “it is better to wait and see if the owner of the wallet comes back” or something like that.

Wallet 2

Rogues are asking you to leave them a smaller amount as a guarantee, and you are easily persuaded, because you are already dreaming of how much you can buy. It is not difficult to predict future events — looking in the wallet, you discover there “bank of gags” tickets or packs of banknotes printed on printer.

Wallet 4

Wallet 3

There are different variants of this scam, but one way or another, scammers can “trust a large sum” or “valuable thing” only in exchange for a loan. Be careful — if the stranger agrees to give you huge money for significantly smaller loan, he is either a complete idiot or a follower of the smooth operator.

Wallet 5

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