Top 7 web resources to find freelance job abroad

Even though freelance has some disadvantages, nowadays it has surely become a target for many beginners and experienced professionals worldwide, while sitting on the old office chair is moving to the oblivion.


Main advantages of freelancing are: freedom for creative natures, no boss who “stands behind your back”, the ability to manage your time, benefits, participation in various projects, the opportunity to earn today – and get your money tomorrow.

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We prepared for you the list of best freelance platforms from all around the world. Don`t forget to set straight you chair, when you will be quitting from your previous job!


 On JiJi you will find best jobs from all around the world from direct employers in more than 30 categories!


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FlexJobs 1

FlexJobs opens a whole new world at 50 different job categories: freelance, full-time and part-time jobs, vacancies that don`t require special qualification and top management jobs.

FlexJobs 2

FlexJobs 3

FlexJobs 4

All jobs, as well as employers’ accounts are thoroughly checked before placing – that excludes the possibility of meeting with scammers or unreliable employers.

FlexJobs 7

FlexJobs 6

Today the site offers more than 20000 jobs!

FlexJobs 5

Flexjobs 2015 list of top 100 legitimate work at home companies

made with ezvid, free download at This is Flexjobs 2015 list of Top 100 legitimate work at home companies. Found at : See reviews for some of these companies at:


Peopleperhour 3

PeoplePerHour is an ideal place for cooperation of small business entrepreneurs and freelancers from all over the world, specializing in various fields for expeditious implementation of small business projects at a price attractive for both sides.

Peopleperhour 1

Peopleperhour 2

This is a great platform, focusing on freelancing for web projects. If you’re a designer, web developer, SEO specialist, etc. PeoplePerHour is definitely worth checking out!

They have seven main categories of projects:

Peopleperhour 4

Each category has several sub-categories so that everybody can find exactly what he needs!

Peopleperhour 5


No Description


Freelancer 1

Comparing to other similar services, has an expanded choice of subcategories, which greatly simplifies job to both employers and freelancers – whether you are professional nanny, or a novice photographer.

Freelancer 4

Freelancer 5

An important advantage of this service is security of transactions due to Milestone Payment. Depending on the size of a project, you may require a phased payment of Milestone Payments upon completion of certain parts of work. Most employers agree to do that, if the project is big.

Freelancer 2

Using the tools and opportunities provided by platform, freelancers can protect their own interests and quickly earn a positive reputation.

Freelancer 3

How works

MANILA, Philippines – Do you have an idea about starting a business but don’t know where to start? Or are you looking for a job but don’t know where to find it?


99designs 1

“The thing” of this resource is that the employer writes a technical task, which is visible to all designers, and they can optionally perform it. Then the employer chooses the design that he likes the most. The author of the work he liked most takes the prize.

99designs 5

99designs 2

Pluses of this way of earning for designers is a good prize (here you can get 400 dollars for a t-shirt design. And for a design of 2 pages of a website — 1000 dollars. Disadvantage of this method – if employer chooses other work, your work will be unpaid.

99designs 4

By the way, its advantage is that there are plenty ways in which you can demonstrate your skills: from website design, accessories design to design of applications for mobile devices.

99designs 3.jpg-quality=80&strip=all

99Designs Review | How to Get 79 Logo Designs for 1 Price 99Designs Review! How I got 79 logo designs from 17 designers for one simple price. In this video I share with you how 99Designs can change the way you get design work done for your business forever. Learn more about my 99Designs review at ===================================== Make sure not to miss a single video.

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We Work Remotely

We work remotely 1

This platform with ads about work has earned the support of Remote (famous book of 37 Signals founders) – and this really means something!

We work remotely 2

We work remotely 3

This is a universal tool for searching freelance jobs. Here you can find the most attractive proposals starting from customer service and ending with the web-design and programming.

We work remotely 4

We Work Remotely also offers hot and very tempting vacancies in best IT-companies of the world. The main slogan of the site is “Office not required”.

We work remotely 5


Upwork 1

Following the merger of the freelance jobs websites (Elance and oDesk), new website Upwork has become the largest place in the world, where you can find a job (or executor for your project).

Upwork 2

Upwork 3

When talking about working remotely, the majority immediately thinks about programmers, web designers and translators. But actually Upwork offers great variety of vocations, including the following:

Upwork is a place that gives you the opportunity to earn money, and any financial affairs do not accept false names, phone numbers and addresses. Therefore, all these and other data are checked very carefully (e.g., your name and surname must match the spelling in your passport and in a bank card, you must be available at a phone number given for a test call, etc.).

Upwork 4

One of the good ways to make your profile more attractive is to undergo some tests.

Here you can work both for a fixed price and hourly (using the special application Upwork team app).

Upwork 5

UpWork Review and Tutorial

Visit Now: to read the latest user reviews on UpWork. In this video, we will show you how to get started on Upwork as a freelancer as well as an employer. Once you are on the Upwork site, click on the sign up button on top.

Virtual Vocations

Virtual Vocations 1

This job search portal offers only remote work in a variety of spheres: from technical authors to paralegals.

Virtual Vocations 2

The site was created by a young mother during her maternity leave, when she was desperately looking for a legal freelance job. Portal is now managed by a team of freelancers, who also have a blog with tips, such as how to work at home during holiday season.

Virtual Vocations 3

Virtual Vocations 4

How To Use VirtualVocations

This video provides a basic tutorial for using the work-at-home website VirtualVocations.


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