5 Marketing Tools That Will Help You Get The Job You Want

Labor market is that same market where every person is a product that needs advertisement. The better you are able to present your qualities and skills the higher your work will be paid and the better working conditions you will get. So here are 5 marketing tools that are worth your consideration if you want your potential employers fight for you.

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Marketing tool  #1 – Make up your own Sales Proposition

Is this membership card twice cheaper than the other ones offered by other gyms? Or does this cosmetics company provide its clients with delivery free of charge? Do these marketing tools make you choose one company over others? And the same rules are effectively performing on the labor market. In order to make your potential employer impressed from the very first minute of reading your CV, you should invent your personal ‘Sales Proposition’.


It can be something like a short sentence in the beginning of your resume summarizing your professional skills and giving the idea of how the company will benefit from hiring you. Let it be a sentence in the form of “4 foreign languages, more than 50 successful projects, 10 years of experience in the multinational company”. Anything that can create a positive image for you is suitable here.

Marketing tool #2 – Aim at your target audience

The first thing a marketing specialist does when putting a product on the market is determining the target audience. The company must precisely know who it is dealing with – a 15 years old teenager or an experienced business lady with the definite behavioral models. This is how they get an understanding of what tools should be put in place to prompt a person to make this or that purchase.


You have to do the same when applying to different companies. Tailor your CV following the requirements of every single vacancy. It should be precisely oriented on this definite company’s requirements and should be written using the words mentioned in the vacancy description. This tool will make your CV more understandable and will help you stand on the same page with your potential employer.

Marketing tool #3 – Demonstrate the customer your advantages

The main problem of all CVs is that they turn out to be an endless list of previous responsibilities. Along with that they don’t provide the employer with the information why this previous experience is useful in particular for him.


That’s why when writing a CV, ask yourself all the time ‘What does this point tell about me and why is it important to be included?’ It is also advisable to organize separate blocks of previous workplaces and indicate there those special skills you have gotten that can be useful for this specific company.

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Marketing tool #4 – Use more than one avenue of promotion

YzEaa4xPNSEDo you have sometimes that feeling like seeing an advertisement of this or that product practically everywhere? It’s amazing actually! The marketing specialists always try to use all possible sources to promote their product and bring in contact with their customers. This method is equally effective when searching a job. Tell your acquaintances that you are looking for a job. Maybe you will be lucky enough to get a direct offer. Don’t forget about other sources of communication like social networks, blogs, forums, and job search websites. All of these sources are capable to broaden the horizons of your job search.

Marketing tool #5 – Give more than was expected from you

ScHb2bj2vaoDo you like getting small presents to your usual orders? For example it can be a tea spoon in addition to your favorite tea. For certain you have a dozen of them at your home, but still it’s a pleasure to get more than you expected.

Impress your potential employer also at the interview. Focus on what is expected from you and give a bit more. For example, before going to the interview get some interesting and little known information about the company – ask your acquaintances, read web-sites, read interviews with the top-managers. You can also make a small presentation of some innovations you could bring into the company. They may be of general character, but an employer will definitely appreciate your divergent approach.

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