5 Methods To Stick In The Recruiter’s Memory: Adverse Advices

To be honest, it’s very easy to become an ‘unforgettable’ candidate, but there is a thin line you cannot cross. Otherwise, you might get stuck in the recruiter’s memory not in the best light. So here are those 5 things you should NOT do if you don’t want to ruin your career not even having it begun.

Become that one whom everyone would like to see as their employee!

1) Insisting Candidate

Found an appropriate vacancy? Send your CV. And then do it again. And what if it hasn’t arrived? Go and send it for the third time. Now you may rest. Or not…what if it got stuck in spam? Send it again and mark it with a non-spam sign. Ah, almost forgot – you can also find the company’s general email address and send your CV there as well.

If you are done with sending emails, then it’s time to proceed with phone calls. Call on the corporate skype and all hot lines of the company. And the last stage – call the recruiter’s mom.

2) Mysterious Candidate

Let’s skip the first step and imagine you are invited to an interview. Now it’s the time to trip the recruiter up and mix all the cards. Ask about the timing several times, then clarify the address another couple of times. Ask to show the location in Google maps and send you a screenshot. And finally, reset the timing of the interview.

Call and say in 5 minutes you’re going to be in the office. Then call and inform you are waiting at the door on the first floor. And the best way – don’t come to the interview at all.

3) Neurotic Candidate

So, you are at the interview. Shake recruiter’s hand with your sweaty hand (it is so pleasant). Oh and what is that you are holding in your other hand? It must be your portfolio or a printed resume, or what else can be in that crumpled folder?

Now ask him/her whether you’re bothering him/her or whether he/she is feeling good and hasn’t got sick. Now make a point it’s hot in the room. Say honestly “I’m so nervous” and make him/her stumped with your tale how you passed this morning.

So, the recruiter is impressed and stroked. The questions have begun. Say you don’t know the answers as you are too nervous. Ask to bring you some valerian. Ask for an ambulance…for you…and for the recruiter too.

Get to know how you can be ‘too sweet’ or ‘too depressing’ at the interview on the next page

4) Sweet Candidate

Come from far end. Say you are sure in HIGH LEVEL OF PROFESSIONALISM (wyes, with Caps Lock) of all employees. Say the writing manner of the person who texted you was incredible and amazing.

Come to an interview with the flowers. It’s even better if you take three bouquets. And 5 kilos of sweets. And a cake. And baked meat (just in case). This is how the corporate culture looks like!

Be a flying butterfly in the office – impress everyone & everything. Take candies, rainbow, and a pony. Ah, none of the interviews have passed in such a friendly atmosphere! Hug everyone in the office in the end. You will surely get a call back…

5) Depressive Candidate

Describe all your life in your resume as it is. Yes, everything is bad. Tell everything about your youth mistakes and that the time is gone.

Come to an interview with a hangover. Smoke a cigarette in the receiving office. Read some Shakespeare poems from Romeo &Juliet. It’s sad, so sad. Oh, you got invited into the room. Get up slowly, as slowly as you possibly can as the entire night you haven’t been sleeping thinking about the future.

They are asking you questions about life, family, career…what do they understand in this life at all? Cry, ask for napkins. Make them cry too, make them take off their pink glasses and understand the meaning of existence.

Confess each other you had been emo once. Now everyone is crying…

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