10 Secrets Of An Excellent Covering Letter

Recently it has become popular to send a covering letter together with your CV to the potential employer. Some recruiters don’t even give a notice to the candidates who send their CVs only. A covering letter is a perfect chance to present yourself therefore winning more attention to your candidature. So read these 10 easy-to-follow steps to make your covering letter an excellent one.

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1) Laconism

A covering letter should be grammatically correct and short. The general letter’s scope shouldn’t exceed half a page. And the letter itself should bear an information about your knowledge and skills and what can you offer to the potential employer.

2) About personal a bit

mSOXYuFrvyIProvide your future employer not only about the information about your professional background, but let him also know about your personal qualities, such as punctuality, responsibility, hard-working. You may also add some qualities that are not included to your CV so the person who is going to read these two documents can get an overall picture about you filling all the errors about you both as an employee and a human being.

3) Enthusiasm

BtntOI4eiHsUnderline your desire to get a job in this concrete company. Make some examples of the projects run inside the organization. Show your enthusiasm and heat up your potential employer with an extended interest to you persona. Support your words with some examples of the past successful projects you have learned about and that were carried out by the company you are sending your CV to. Your main goal here is to impress.

4) Vital style

Don’t use any complicated constructions. Choose the light style and vital expressions. Write on your behalf. It is easier to do if you imagine like talking to your future employer.  Along with that, it’s important to not go over the top and keep within business style borders.

5) List of recommendations

wTru4hbH3WYIf you are applying to a job position in a big company, the HR-specialist will definitely ask you about recommendations from the previous workplaces. But if you get ahead of this request and include this information to your covering letter, this will add more weight to your candidature and will increase your chances to get invited for an interview.

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6) Personal approach

An ideal covering letter must be original even more than a CV. That’s why it requires some preliminary preparation. Before actually writing a covering letter try to understand what is the company seeking for – carefully read the requirements and note for yourself the most important ones. Confront them with your skills and abilities and make a stress on them (but don’t forget to include some examples). And don’t forget to use some ‘key words’ that the company uses when describing the vacancy.


7) Relevant information only

Do not add any unnecessary information to your covering letter. Remember that it should include only your main professional and personal qualities and not your habits and things you like doing at home.

8) Your extraordinarity for the company

iPMHLmRvZmARemember that first of all your potential employer wants to know how the company will benefit from hiring you, and not how you will benefit from working there. Keep this in mind even when answering the question ‘Why you want to work for this company?’ Convert your answer to this question into a unique offer for the company. For example, if you are writing that your work is your vocation and that you have dedicated your life to it, turn your employer’s mind to how you can use your previous experience to increase company’s efficiency.

9) Contact information

Even though there is a contact information in your CV, duplicate it in your covering letter. Let the potential employer have more opportunities to quickly contact you.


It’s simple! Just be: S(Specific), M(Measurable), A(Attainable), R (Relevant), and T(Time-bound).


JiJi.ng wishes you to find the job that deserves you!

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