Pros And Cons Of Being A Travel Agent

With every year the number of people willing to go abroad on vacation is increasing. So how can you choose the best place to go – whether it’s snowy Alps or sunny Florida beaches? This problem can be simply solved by the travel agent. But is this guy or girl and why is his profession so popular and profitable nowadays?

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To be considered as a higher level specialist in tourism sphere one should possess a rare skill to unthread customer’s dream. You may be talking about numerous places of interest in Vienna – its museums, theatres, ancient buildings – but the person, in fact would like to go somewhere where it’s quiet and where they can take a rest.

Profession specification


  • 4Touristic field is one of the most beneficial and prospective;
  • Opportunity to visit different countries;
  • Good income. Even though it depends on the season.
  • Passion – usually, people working in this sphere are real fanatics who won’t ever trade in tourism business for something else.


  • 5Having travelled to many countries, one never gets enough time to see each one of them well enough;
  • Huge responsibility;
  • Very nervous job – you should always be informed how are your customers dong while on vacation – whether they like the accommodation, whether the food is tasty and if there everything alright with the local inhabitants;
  • High employee turnover.

Find out more about the personal qualities and a special educatio one should possess in order to become a good travel agent on the following page

Personal qualities

270% of all work takes communication with the customers. So if you are self-contained, insecure, and incommunicative, you won’t be able to sell any package tour. You should be cheerful, attentive, and charming.

It is extremely important for a good manager to be able solve a negative situation, not losing a working rhythm along with it. The problem of one tourist shouldn’t have an impact on your other customers.


1An experienced tourism manager is good at orientation with huge amount of information is quick in combining different variants of recreation. For those suffering from sclerosis the path to this kind of business is closed. In order to sell a tour package, one should know literally everything about the country of destination. A really good touristic manager keeps lots of information in their head. High level of self-organization, a glib tongue and foreign languages skills are all huge pluses for a travel agent who wants to achieve success in this sphere.


3The career of the touristic manager starts from the assistant to travel agent. First it is a work on a phone, only then with the customers. Then you may become a specialist on one of these directions. After that you can hold a position of a Vice-Director or a Director of the touristic agency.

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