How To Become An Attractive Target For Headhunters?

It is probably a number one dream for every job seeker to become someone as much valuable and wanted that the recruiters would literally haunt you. But how can you actually present yourself in the light that can show your potential from the most advantageous for you side?

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Your professional biography is your best advertisement

1The employee’s competency is being estimated by the name of the company he/she works for. Its reputation on the labor market and high achievements are the best indicators that for this definite company work professionals only.

The conclusion is simple – the service record of those wishing to make headhunters interested should contain the names of famous companies. So have a look at your service record book and what reputable companies you worked for? What positions did you hold and what career progress did you have there?

A well-maintained communication with important people

2Personal recommendations are very important especially for those who work for a not very famous company. Good words about the candidate from the people who are in a good standing is a sure way to get included to the card-index of any headhunter.

3The question is – “Are there many of reputable people willing and ready to provide you with their recommendations?” In order to acquire some, you should not stay within the borders of your working schedule and within the building where your office is. You should devote your time to some outside events, like professional conferences, trainings, seminars where you could get acquainted with the needed people and make proper networks.

Practical advices from professionals:

41) Be ready to present yourself at any time – to tell about all of your professional and personal achievements, plans for the moment, and desirable perspectives for the future.

2) Know your weak points. It is also interesting for headhunters. Try even these points present as your advantages.

3) A worthy CV will shorten the time period for your job search. There are definite patterns for writing resume, however a standard information presentation can sometimes intervene that you are noticed by headhunters. Look for substandard approaches.

4) While searching a new job, be active but not insisting. Calls, messages, and meetings will reduce the process, but your activity should have its limits.

5) Those who are aware of their worth, don’t send resumes. Consultants think that if one sends resume without request, this might indicate the beginning of one’s career.

6) Go on interviews. Just one meeting with a recruiter can completely change your career for the better.

Improvements you should permanently do:

51 – Increase the level of your professional competency even if you already consider yourself ‘a professional’. There is always an opportunity to acquire more knowledge and skills in any occupation and any professional sphere.

2 – Train your abilities to effectively cooperate with the surrounding you people. And it is especially important to be done on the basis of mutually respecting partnership, and not manipulation. The time will come when your colleagues will appreciate it.

3 – Raise in yourself an excitement from your work, so you can get a permanent energetic feeding from it in return.

4 – Develop a creative approach to duty performance as a life motto.

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