6 Ways To Start A Conversation With Anyone

Sometimes it is quite difficult to start a conversation with someone. It’s okay if you cannot start a conversation with your wife. But what if you can’t manage to communicate with a new interesting person at the party? In this case, use our universal advices, as with their help you will be able to set a dialogue fire with anyone!

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1 – Leave the exchange of courtesies for losers

1The scientist have recently found that people yawn three times more intensively when their companion says “it’s a summer time soon”… All right, the scientists haven’t found anything like that yet, but certainly they will do, because the conversations on general topics makes an impression of you as of a boring person. Moreover, he/she might think you consider them a boring person too. For example, if your conversation partner is holding a glass of martini with an olive in her hand, you can ask, “Did you know that the olive is a perfect absorbent that keeps you from quick alcohol intoxication?”

2 – Go on the offensive

2Get interested with the opinion of your conversation partner about this or that question. Ask straight, “What do you think about an introduction of legislation about abandoning the usage of olives with martini?” Every person has their own opinion about everything and it will flatter your companion that you want to hear them. The truth is that you are at risk to hit on a monologue when the person puts the glass of martini away, reaches out for the pack of documents and says, “I have been waiting for this question for a long time! I have everything explained here in details, let me tell you…”

3 – Raise your companion

3Ask your companion an advice, “How do you think, should I put the fifth olive into my martini or 4 is enough?” Opinion and advice differ from each other with that you are not just interested with your companion but you are asking him/her to influence your life. And this is a qualitatively new level of your trust. Your companion should feel pleased twice as much. Or he/she will panic of responsibility, which you are putting on their shoulders, and will run out of an open door splashing his/her martini.

4 – Don’t thrive to know everything

4Ask simple questions, which are pleasant to answer for your companion. Don’t ask in what Province regions big and small olives grow. Even if your companion is competent in this question, he/she will start answering boringly and in details. And this information will turn into an olive mixture in your head. Ask simply, “Aren’t green and black olives the same thing?” Everyone would be glad to answer such question.

5 – But it is not the time to rest

5Don’t be surprised if after asking the question, which can be answered “yes” or “no”, you will get a “yes” or “no” response. That’s why ask for clarification. “Aren’t green and black olives the same thing?” – “Yes” – “It’s such an interesting thing why there are olives of different color?” Agree, that it is much difficult to give a “Yes-or-No” answer to such question. So your companion will have to talk to such a pleasant non-intrusive-persistent person.

6 – Let your fantasy run around

6People underestimate hypothetical questions considering their producers crazy people. Nevertheless, it is hypothetical questions with some scent of fantasy that have the most of the chances to make your companion interested. That’s why don’t be shy to ask, “Have you ever thought that olives sometimes can be smarter than people?” If the other person drily answers “Yes”, regard to the previous option.

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