Top 5 Christmas Party Ideas

As the world is getting closer and closer to celebrating Christmas, people have lots of things to take care of before the holiday. You’ve probably already started Christmas shopping, have designed a Christmas meal menu, and planned your stunning holiday outfit. But what about the celebration itself? If you’re hosting a Christmas party this year, check out these Xmas party ideas to have the most memorable and fun holiday event of the year! Or you can always choose party services on Jiji to have a magical party for any occasion.

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Craft party

If you have more than one Christmas event to plan, choose a date that is a couple of days before Christmas and host a craft party for your closest friends. There are so many things you can do together! Print and cut out holiday cards for your loved ones, decorating them with glitter and other craft items. Watch a DIY-tutorial for constructing Christmas wreath and design a new decoration for your home. Learn some gift wrapping techniques and spend the party preparing presents for the guests of your main holiday event. Look for tips online and you’ll never run out of craft ideas!


Movie night

We all have our set of favorite Christmas movies that we can watch over and over every year without getting bored. Create a playlist of your favorite holiday films and invite your friends over for a movie night. Enhance your watching experience with some matching snacks, like chips, sweets, and potato chips, and if you’re feeling extra festive, you can serve your favorite holiday cocktails. As for the movies, it’s best to go for the beloved classics like Home Alone and Love, Actually, since there is no one who isn’t a fan of these films.


Cocktail party

If you’re looking for Christmas party ideas for adults only, a cocktail party can be a fun alternative to ordinary dinner parties. Start by decorating the house with glittery patterns and sequined décor pieces. You don’t need to try too hard with the food – store-bought appetizers or simple homemade snacks will work just fine. As for drinks, try to choose some unusual cocktails your guests likely haven’t tried before. They can be super modern or a revised classic; the choice depends on your holiday party budget and theme.


Karaoke night

A great idea for your Christmas party guests to unwind and express their singing talent is to host a karaoke party. The most important thing here is to have a selection of songs ready and waiting for the guests.  The best karaoke nights happen when all songs follow a single theme. The most obvious choice for the holiday is Christmas tunes or soundtracks to everyone’s favorite Xmas movies. You can also choose top hits of the year, songs by the favorite artist of your guests, or any other theme close to your interests.


Gift exchange

Admit it: we’ve all received presents in the past that have disappointed us. These presents likely lie around somewhere in your house and are never going to be used. If your friends have the same experience, you can organize a party where everyone brings one gift they previously received and puts it into a pile of presents. Then everyone receives one gift at random. One’s man’s trash is another man’s treasure, so you never know how much the guests will like the surprise gift until they see what it is!