Top 5 Free Online Learning Sites

Whether you want to get a new job, to start your own business or just want to learn something completely new, you don’t necessarily need to pass exams again and go to a University. All you have to do is simply turn on your computer, go on the Internet and find there lots of websites offering you online learning courses. Find out what are the best educational website available today.

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Coursera is one of the greatest learning websites having more than 100 educational organizations as their partners. These organizations include such leading Universities as Princeton, Stanford, Berklee, Yale and many others, and provide with the courses based on solid knowledge in computing, machine learning, coding, Big Data, national and social sciences, learning foreign languages.

# CodeAcademy


CodeAcademy is probably the best of the websites providing interactive courses of programming in languages such as HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP. Once registered, you get a personal developer account where you can save and track the progress of your learning. So whether you are a beginner-programmer or an owner of your own start-up, you will always be able to fix a bug in your system.



Moz is considered the best website with free online courses in the sphere of SEO, social media marketing, link building, content marketing, keyword targeting. It will be useful for you if you have your own website and want to make it visible for search engines.



KhanAcademy is a free online courses website, providing with access to education in computing, science, and engineering, economics and finance, arts and humanities. A special course in math provides learning possibilities by subject and by grade. So both your kindergarten children and high school students can improve their math knowledge on this website.

# Alison


Alison is a great website, which gathered lots of free online courses from such world-known companies as Google, Microsoft, and Macmillan. The courses provided embrace such specialties as business and enterprise skills, digital literacy and IT skills, personal development and soft skills, foreign languages, financial and economic literacy, health & safety & compliance.

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