My Big Nigerian Wedding: Decorations!

Latest wedding decoration in Nigeria has become more diverse and versatile in the last several years. The reason for this is the super-easy access to wedding decorations ideas in the Internet and other media.

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1. Wedding reception decorations: general information

Decorating the wedding hall is one of the most important issues in the wedding preparation since this is the first thing the guests will pay attention to. The best color combinations for the wedding hall are the combinations of white with one other color.

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The lightening is of utmost importance too. It’s a good idea to add more light to the table of the newly-weds. The colors of the wedding decorations and the ones used in bridesmaid clothes should match.

Despite the rich cultural heritage of their country, the increasing number of Nigerians prefers the Western style decorations for their wedding reception nowadays while the wedding cake always features the statue of the couple on its top.

2. Flower wedding decoration ideas

There are absolutely no restrictions to your imagination in this sphere – you can choose any style you like for your wedding bouquet!

3. Colorful weddings are back in fashion

Unlike the past years when pale and neutral shades dominated Nigerian weddings bold vibrant colors are in trend now! Greenery that has been universally recognized as the Color of the Year is appropriate for nearly everything in the wedding giving it the general atmosphere of freshness and naturalness.

Besides the color, other natural elements are in fashion too, like bigger bouquets, trees in pots or wood and stone decorations.

4. Holographic wedding decoration design

The atmosphere of shimmering magic of iridescent and holographic designs is starting to enter the field of weddings. You could add some shimmer to your paper menus or add a holographic design to your wedding pens.

The iridescent look of your wedding cake will also add certain amount of futuristic glamour to your special day.

5. Food as a pastime

There’s a growing trend to make food as entertaining as possible. The taste and presentation are equally important. The choice varies from a fancy doughnut wall to hanging shelves with exquisite sausage and cheese.

Some weddings even have a full-service ice cream parlor to impress the guests.

6. Hand-dyed silk table runners

Hand-dyed table runners add a heavenly and soft touch to your table atmosphere. There has also been a turn towards longer tables that replaced round tables to give the guests an opportunity to communicate easier.

7. Geodes

This is, of course, not a Nigerian traditional wedding decoration, but if you do everything correctly, it will look amazing and luxurious.

A geode is a cool hollow rock with sparkling crystals of various colors inside. Together with really stylish agate slices, geodes are becoming increasingly popular as ornaments in weddings: even the wedding cakes can now have a geode look while thin agate slices are used as guest cards.

8. Hanging Décor

Hanging flowers or string market lights on the ceiling is a win-win solution for your wedding. This décor will also encourage your guests to look up instead of down which is great opportunity to save on the carpeting costs.

9. Trendy Swings

Swings will definitely add some playfulness to your lounge seating and they are sure to be enjoyed by all the generations of your guests. Another cool trend is placing the “king” and “queen” chairs for the newly-weds.

10. Check out some trendy Nigerian wedding decoration pictures!

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