Ini Edo House – Beautiful Mansion For A Beautiful Woman

Nigerian celebrities are very hardworking and talented people. Unlike some of the other celebrities in other countries, Nigerian actors and performers have definitely earned their fame by making hundreds of movies, song albums, and concerts.

Of course, during this process, they’ve also earned pretty big sums of money. That’s why most of the Nigerian celebrities have beautiful mansions in Nigeria. Nigerian celebrities’ houses often look like a work of art, one of which is Ini Edo house.Ini Edo house

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Nollywood actors and actresses’ houses have always inspired awe and a bit of jealousy in common people of Nigeria. Anyone would want to have one of these beautiful houses in Nigeria as Ini Edo got almost right after her divorce in 2014.

This house in Lekki really sparked a lot of talks, as it is one of the most beautiful houses in Nigeria. Furthermore, it is huge, has a lot of free space and its interior design is greatly styled.

Right now, the price for this house is estimated to be around ₦80,000,000. Although this amount of money seems astronomical, it is not the most expensive house in Nigeria. There are Nigerian celebrities, who were ready to spend even more money to live a comfortable and fancy life. Some of them are:

1. Chika Ike’s house

It seems that both Nollywood actresses and their mansions are beautiful, well-groomed and eye-catching. Chika Ike’s mansion, that presumably costs around a ₦100,000,000, can definitely be described like this, as it does not only have great exterior and interior design but also has a swimming pool and a gym.Chika Ike’s house

2. Davido’s mansion

Not only film industry stars can boast about their accommodation, Nigerian music industry representatives also like to live in comfort. For example, Davido, famous Nigerian performer, was able to afford a ₦140,000,000 house while he was only 22! Despite all the talk, he really deserves it, as a headliner of Nigerian music scene.

3. Okwudili Umenyiora’s house

This is probably one of the most famous and most expensive houses in all Nigeria. It belongs to less of a public person, the CEO of Dilly Motors Okwudili Umenyiora. It is rumored, that this gorgeous building was designed by the owner himself, and it certainly looks more like a work of art, then a simple living solution.

Both the style and the color scheme of the manor seem to create a somewhat futuristic look, which makes you really wonder, how it is to live in this house.

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