Innoson Motors Price List 2017, That Will Amaze You

A new and affordable car is something, that is very difficult, if not impossible, to find. It is pretty difficult and expensive to import the car to Nigeria, that’s why cheap cars in Nigeria are so rare. Nevertheless, there are made in Nigeria cars, that are much more affordable.

Of course, among them are representatives of huge international car companies, that are still not that cheap because of the company policies, but there is a completely authentic Nigerian car manufacturer, that offers brand new cars in Nigeria for an affordable price.

Its name is Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing. Innoson cars are great and relatively cheap, and here is an Innoson Motors price list for you to make sure it’s true.


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Innoson cars are coming in a lot of shapes and forms, here are only a few of the products of the Innoson Motors Nigeria:

1. Jeeps and pickups

These cars are the most suitable for real men. They will get you anywhere, these Innoson cars are monsters of the off-road. This is the Innoson cars price list for them:

1.1.  IVM G5

The price for this car varies from ₦6,380,000 to ₦7,161,000 based on the type of transmission and its overall trim level.

1.2.  IVM G6

This one is from the Innoson motors latest news – a newer, more city-suited model of the SUV won’t leave you disappointed, as the car still has its ruggedness and quality filling, and you can get it for around ₦7,000,000.

1.3. IVM Carrier

This car has different variations too. You can get this massive pickup in 4×2 or 4×4, and both of them are perfectly suitable for the Nigerian roads. You can get them for the price, ranged from ₦6,050,000 to ₦6,814,000.

2. Passenger cars

If you’re not a big fan of going outside the city limits, then these cars are just for you. They are really innovative and have everything a modern Japanese or American car has to offer. Here is their price list with Innoson cars pictures:

2.1. IVM Umu

This stylish sedan is a great choice for any type of driver, from a businessman to a single mom. It is relatively affordable, too, you can get it for around ₦3,600,000-₦4,000,000. Don’t lose this opportunity and get it right now!

2.2. IVM Fox

These hatchbacks are other city-based cars, yet you can use them to get anywhere. They are among the cheap cars in Nigeria and their prices are astonishing – their price range is from ₦3,520,000 to ₦3,800,000.

3. Buses

Besides the passenger cars, Innoson also manufactures buses and vans – a perfect choice for a huge family or if you want to use one for work. Here are some Innoson motors prices for them:

3.1. IVM 5000

This bus/van is incredibly durable, you can use it either for passenger service or cargo shipments. Depending on the use, you can get it for ₦6,900,000 or ₦7,000,000.

3.2. IVM 6601

IVM 6601 is a full-on bus, that has 23 seats, is a really comfortable vehicle, which will create your passenger’s most pleasant traveling experience. Its price mirrors its comfort – you can buy it for around ₦12,000,000.

Inside Innoson Motor Manufacturing Plant Nnewi Nigeria – World’s First Black-Owned Car Manufacturer

The youngest among six children, Chief (Dr) Innocent Ifediaso Chukwuma (OFR), was born into the family of Mr & Mrs Chukwuma Mojekwu of Uru-Umudim, Nnewi, in Anambra State, without the proverbial silver spoon in his mouth.

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